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10 New Year Resolutions for Affiliate Marketers in 2003

By T.H. Quah
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

With the start of any new year, it is usually the time to clean house and make changes. It is the time when everyone is busy setting new goals and making new resolutions for themselves, their family or their business.

For the affiliate marketers, it will not be any different. Infect, due to the fast changing and volatile nature of the online environment, it is a necessity. The difference could mean your success or failure.

So here are 10 New Year resolutions for Affiliate Marketers which you can incorporate with your own.

1. Adopt New Marketing Strategies

Evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies. Drop those that are non-performing and incorporate new ones. If you are not making any money with it for the past 12 months, chances are that you'll never will.

2. Set New Sales Target

Set a sales target for each month of the year, taking into account of the high and low sales season. Only by setting a sales target and working to achieve it, will you know if you are making any progress.

3. Get Motivated

Recharge your battery! Personal motivation is highly important for your success as you're providing your own drive or push. Read a motivation book, subscribe to a success motivation ezine or attend a personal development course. There are many good ones available online.

4. Read A New Marketing Book

Buy that marketing book which you had wanted last year, but never got down to ordering. It's time to bring some fresh perspective to your marketing effort.

5. Check and Update Your Websites

Time to check for any broken links, remove any out dated information or just give your site a makeover. Indicate the new year '2003' in your website especially the'Copyright' notice. Your visitors will need to feel that they are reading the latest information.

6. Start An Ezine or Opt-in List

I am sure you have read many times about the advantages of having your own ezine. If you are still without an ezine, start one immediately. Set a target for the number of subscribers you wish to have by year-end. However, if you already have an ezine, then set a goal to double your subscriber's base.

7. Attend An Internet Networking Event

Make plans to attend at least one live Internet seminar, Conference, workshop or boot camp in 2003. It will help you gain new knowledge, ideas and motivation. Also good for networking and making joint ventures.

8. Subscribe to New Ezines

Ezines are a great resource for news, ideas, tips, strategies and even motivation (especially when one is working at home alone). There are many niche areas you need to keep yourself up-to-date like affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, link popularity, traffic generation, list building, etc. This new year add another 6 new titles to your reading list.

9. Start or Expand Your Mini-Sites Empire

As an affiliate marketer, you would have already built one or more mini sites to promote the products you are affiliated to. ( If you've not started, then this is your wake up call! ). For the rest, it's time to set a new goal to build another 10 new sites for this year.

10. Do Something Different

Try something different this year. Something that you have never done before, but have been thinking a lot for a long time. Write a report, an e-book, an e-course, articles, give a seminar, a workshop, set up a joint-venture, etc. Who knows, it could developed into something BIG!

That's it! Just remember to remind yourself regularly of your Year 2003 Resolutions. Write them down on paper and place it on your desktop or next to your computer keyboard. Some- where you won't miss. Read it often. It pays to be focused!

Good luck and make 2003 YOUR Year!

About the Author
T.H. Quah is the Editor for ( - a niche ezine on affiliate marketing. Get breaking news, real life, how-to-do-it, nuts and bolts affiliate marketing know-how, information you can use right now! He also offers a free 7-days ecourse "Discover the 7 Tactical Formula that will turbo charge your affiliate income to an all time high - 100% Guaranteed!"


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