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5 tips for a successful web endeavor

By Rev. Alan E. Fuller
Posted Friday, October 8, 2004

1. Design your site with visual appeal, but as few bells and whistles as you can. People like sites that are designed well. There's no replacement for a site that offers good use of negative space, a minimalist appeal, and a good color scheme. As for bells and whistles, try not to overdo it. The utlities - such as an eZine signup form, an eMail form for comments, questions and suggestions, and perhaps some way to track the amount of visitors you're attracting - are enough to get a good website up and running in no time.

2. Never underestimate the power of a few good keywords. Granted, not everything hinges on keywords, but if you use the Overture Search Term Suggestion tool (located at ( you're bound to find keywords that will maximize your search engine ratings. For example: I don't bid on keywords - I just don't see the point. However, I do utilize this tool as a research utility, and I use the tag in my pages' HTML. If you do a quick search on me ("alan e fuller" with the quotes) at, I'm top rank for that keyword. (You might also try "divine consciousness coach" with the quotes to get a good idea of how I rank there at this moment - which I don't believe is very good right now.) And always, always, always use keywords in your description meta tag, in the alt tags for any images you put on the front page, and scattered throughout your text (just be sure the text makes sense).

3. Although not specifically web-related, always follow your passions. First, following your heart-dreams gives you an exuberance and enthusiasm for your product or service that just can't be beat anywhere else - and people do sense this in the copy on your website. Second, it's just easier to sell something you're proud to promote. And third, the quality you're going to deliver on your product or service is going to be higher, just because you love it, and that causes repeat business.

4. Use as many trust-building tactics as possible. Use an "about us" page with perhaps a personal letter to your visitors; explore your personal vision and values in your writing; tell your visitors about your relationship(s); add your picture to your "about" page; try to get a Trust-e membership or some other designation for your site, even if it's BBB-related; get testimonials from previous buyers/clients and put them on a seperate testimonials page, and sprinkle them fairly liberally throughout your ad copy; use the logos of any group, club, or association you're a member of; and by all means include your eMail address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and snail mail address on your contact page. People don't buy from folks/businesses that look like a scam. And if you're not willing to put some personal info out there, a picture, and your complete contact info, then you just might be hiding something.

5. Write a statement that commands your niche's attention and use it for the title of your website. I read an article that was entitled, "Awe-inducing Statements that will Skyrocket your Sales in no Time." Granted, it was a far-fetched title. But it got me to read the article. And the gist of the article was to focus your headline on your niche market - give them a title that makes them say "Oh my God, I've got read that article!" In other words, put yourself in their shoes, look at things from their angle, and figure out exactly what it is that your niche market wants from you. The easiest way to do this is to ask. But if you don't have that luxury (and some newbies don't - I remember those days well), then at least ask yourself what you want from you, what titles and headlines would command your attention, if you were buying from a similar company or individual.

About the Author
Rev. Alan E. Fuller is a Divine Consciousness Coach with over thirteen years experience in Interfaith Ministry, and is President of the Joint Board of Pathways. Combining his unique gift for tapping into Divine Consciousness with his talent for clear communication and in-depth spiritual studies, Reverend Alan's work has opened the hearts and minds of hundreds, bringing them to the doorway of true freedom that lies within.


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