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"Achieve Promotional Success Online Via Many Avenues!"

By A.T.Rendon
Posted Monday, October 11, 2004

In a study released earlier this month by Forrester Research, (, the conclusion was reached that those of us wanting to engage in online marketing should focus particularly and more aggressively on viral marketing.

However, that was just one element of the "shot-gun" style of online marketing that was proposed in the report.

A glitzy Web site devoted to the product or service, use of direct e-mail marketing, banner ads and strategically placed advance launch info to cultivate fans and customers were the main elements proposed.

Also proposed but to a lesser degree of importance, offering a free download or sample, forming partnerships with related product or service company sites and building "online buzz teams", that is, people hired to talk about your product or service in a very positive light via online forums, chat rooms and discussion mailing lists.

It is nice to know that research we compiled in 1996 stating that online promotions must be "multifaceted" was very much ahead of its' time. :-)

The Secret to online business success or even successful Exposure of a non-commercial Web Site is through constant, Persistent, multi-faceted Promotion. And to promote your Internet presence you need to utilize the Basic 5 outlined here:

1. Email is the foundation.
2. A Web Site is the "Main Building" standing on the foundation of Email.
3. Newsgroups offer unique Exposure possibilities.
4. Search Engines and can provide much Exposure!
5. Online Ads can provide far reaching worldwide Exposure.

You can view our short report in greater detail at: (

Considering we compiled the research for the above web site in 1996, it is amazing just how relevant it is even today.

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