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Free Ezine Advertising On Steroids!

By John Colanzi
Posted Sunday, January 16, 2005

Free ezine advertising has been with us for some time now. As the ezine explosion continues, publishers are scrambling to keep pace in the battle for new subscribers.

Freebies have become the order of the day.

Free Ebooks

Free Software

Free Training Courses

Free Advertising

This has created an extremely favorable environment for subscribers. They can pick and choose from the freebies of their choice.

Many have hopped on the Free Ezine Advertising Bandwagon. But as the Free ads became more common place, Free Ezine advertising began to lose it's pulling power.

Sure you could draw a lot of leads if you posted enough to ezines, but the process is time consuming and still doesn't come close to the pulling power of paid advertising.

You had the choice of either spending time or money. If you were short on cash you had to spend the time.

Now that's all changed. Imagine getting Free Paid advertising.

I know what you're thinking, "John that's a contradiction."

Guess What?

It's not!

There's a new system that will help the average marketer earn Free sponsor and solo advertising.

The scramble for new subscribers has created an opportunity for you to cash in.

If you have a list of contacts or an extremely active downline you can take advantage of Free Paid Advertising!

How does it work?

Publishers looking for new subscribers are paying readers in advertising credits for referring new subscribers.

It's a win - win situation.

The publisher gets a wider circulation and you earn Free sponsor and solo advertising.

You can put your advertising into high gear, absolutely Free.

If you'd like to see how this system works visit: (

It truly is Free Ezine Advertising on Steroids!

Wishing You Success

About the Author
John Colanzi publishes the "Street Smart Marketing". To subscribe If you'd like to see how John uses this strategy to make money in network marketing visit: (


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