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Hitch a lift on an Internet virus

Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

The buzzword at the moment is viral marketing, so How does that affect you and me, and how can you Benefit from it.

Viral marketing is the most powerful form of marketing on the Internet. Major corporations are rushing to master these strategies. Viral marketing is when an email with a website link gets passed around and forwarded on to people's networks. It moves quickly throughout a network of people, like an email with a virus. For example, if you pass on an email to 10 people, who pass it on to 10, who do the same. That's 1000 people who've seen your email. If this happens just three more times, one million people have seen your email.

This enzine is a form of viral marketing it gets passed around the net each person giving it away to someone else who gives it to someone else..... A hits tree is another form of viral marketing click here for an example (

How you can benefit:
Sit down think of a subject and write an article about it It doesn't need to be a very long article, 400 to 600 words Is the standard amount that any online publication is Looking for.

Does all this sound like too much work, to much hassle Are you making excuses, I can't do this or I don't have Time.

This article took me about 45 minutes to write, and it will Most likely get published in several other ezines, and it Will get published over and over again, without me having To do any more work. I will be getting visitors for the next Few years from 45 min work.

On average I write two articles a month, that's 2 hours a Month tops, still making excuses about not enough time I hope not because where else can 2 hours work bring in A residual income from affiliate sales, with no more effort Required on your part.

Submitting your article to other ezines was where the Time and hassle used to be, but even that has now been made Simple. You can now submit to sites that offer article's to busy Ezine publishers, and they will offer your article to all there List of subscribers.

Let me put this into prospective for you below are some Statistics On some of the viral marketing methods I use.

>From the 1st to the 16th of April 01 my hits tree created 75 New subscribers The new hotbobs complete strategies marketing book was
Downloaded 230 times. And I have had two articles Published in 9 other online publications. Just do the maths from the first paragraph and work out how Long before one million people will see my work.

Already I am getting hits from the links in the book, how Do I know this, because I coded them so I could track the hits. Take a look in the hotbobs member's area under recommended resources (page 6) to see what I have to say about tracking You're advertising campaigns.

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