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How Great Newsletters Adapt To Perfectly Match Their Readers

By Michael Green
Posted Friday, January 14, 2005

One exciting feature of newsletters - frequently overlooked by their editors - is the ability to shape the content to *perfectly* match the readerships interests and passions.

In fact, newsletters can achieve a form of near perfect synergy with their readers and thats something rarely experienced with other products or services.

How is this incredible close-fit possible? If you publish your own newsletter or EZine then please read on

EDITORS MUST GET INSIDE THEIR READERS HEADS You see, a newsletter editor is in a unique position of power, but most fail to capitalize on their in-built advantage.

Editors tend to think of their publication as simply being there to impart knowledge and information to their readership on whatever subject they are headlined to cover. Thats fair enough. Informing readers is an important part of any newsletter!

Butin order to really satisfy your reader, you need to know what information the reader would like to see covered and published. And that means getting a ton of feedback all the time!

HERES YOUR MASSIVE INBUILT ADVANTAGE And heres the incredible advantage that you have as a Newsletter or EZine Editor over just about every other product or service out there. Put simply:


Publishing a newsletter shouldnt be a 'one-way' street. Youve got to discover what kind of material your readers want to read and the easiest way to do that is to simply ask them the question.

INVITE RESPONSE AND SEND OUT REGULAR SURVEYS Theres no mystery to gathering the feedback either. Every Newsletter should invite its readers to send in feedback.

If youre writing an electronic newsletter (EZine) then invite your reader to click *reply* and send in comments. If your newsletter is in print then include a response mechanism such as a fax back, tear-off slip or at the very least a contact address for you as the editor.

TIP: You can dramatically increase feedback response by offering an incentive to complete your feedback survey. A free report on your subject matter works extremely well.

WHAT TO DO WITH THE INFORMATION YOU GATHER Thats easy. Collate the feedback and establish trends in the requests you receive. You might find, for example, that a batch of readers would like to see more "How-Tos" on your subject. Maybe others crave for readers letters and answers, whilst other readers might want to see more longer (or shorter) articles. You get the drift though. Find out what it is theyd like to see.

What next?

Give it to them. And give it to them in spades...

Start thinking about your readers feedback as if thats their way of going out to vote! Theyve indicated a preference, a particular like or dislike about your newsletter. Now, just like any politician, your job is to reflect that right back to them and give them the information they crave.

SHAPE YOUR NEWSLETTER AROUND THE FEEDBACK Very few editors take the time to really understand what their readership would like to see covered. Fewer still actually do anything constructive with the results.

But if you take the time to do both of these things, you are guaranteed to experience a couple of *great* results:

(1). Your existing subscribers will become increasingly loyal, as they derive pleasure from the fact that your newsletter covers what they really want to know about.

(2). New subscribers will flock to your publication. Why? Well just think of your possible subscriber base as being like a huge lake of fish. Theyre all swimming around looking for information (and newsletters) that perfectly cover their interests and presents the information in a format that they would like to receive.

Your newsletter is the bait. If you shape it perfectly around the desires and needs of your existing readership, the chances are your publication will also fit your potential subscribers. Follow the above advice and you will have adjusted your bait to perfectly attract an ever-growing newsletter subscriber base.

Good luck,
Michael Green

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About the Author
Michael Green spent 12 years building a multi-million dollar business, attributing much of his success to the regular newsletter he published promoting his company. He now devotes his time to educating individuals and organizations as to how to achieve their objectives through newsletter publications both printed and online. He shares his secrets in his new mini-series. Send a blank email to


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