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How To Build your own Highly Targeted Opt-in List

By Jun Han
Posted Thursday, September 23, 2004

Follow-up and building good relationship with your targeted prospects is a key to success for every online business.

Focusing on providing useful information that could really help your subscribers who are looking for answers to their problems, useful information which could help them in their business or even a "Step By Step Guide" and the "How To" solution on their targeted field. You can write a weekly or monthly ezine based on your targeted area that will provide useful and interesting weekly articles to share with your list of subscribers who are eagerly looking forward to hear from you every week.

Follow-up Autoresponder

What tools do I need that could help me to buildup a good follow-up system? Good Question! Well, I personally use Autoresponse plus software to run my listbuildersuccess newsletter. The features include unlimited autoresponder messages, unlimited follow-up messages. You can track your links for using their link-tracking feature, which allow you to manage your link impression and clickthrough. Add any number and types of attachment to your follow-up messages. Personalize each message to your subscribers, which will include their first, last or full name and many more.

Click on the link below to find out more about this great follow-up and mailing list software:


If you find this software too costly for you, not to worry, you can get some free follow-up autoresponder available free on the net, which work very well too:


Now, first of all, you will need to know how to write good articles. I have some useful tips to help you write good articles. It is actually very easy to write a good article simply by reading other publisher's articles and learn from them.

You can review the great articles written by some great authors simply by subscribing to our newsletter at:


Ezine Advertising

When you read most of the articles, most of them are telling you how to they use ezine advertising to promote their business. What's so good about ezine advertising? Well, you get great exposure of your article for free! When you submit your ezine articles to other ezine owners and when they review your article and find it good and relevant to their ezine or newsletter, they will just use it to publish on their next weekly issue.

Write Good Content Articles

When you prepare to write a good article, ask yourself, how do you want your article to help you promote your business? Simple, write a good content articles which you can use it on your website to improve on your keyword density for search engine placement. Include your author's signature below for every of your written articles which include a short introduction of your website and your subscribing information or the URL link to subscribe to your ezine or newsletter. You can also offer free ebooks or softwares as a token of appreciation for subscribing to your list.

Exchange ads with other Newsletter

Another great and effective way of increasing your subscriber's base is to exchange ads with other newsletter when you have at least several hundreds of subscribers in your list. Both of you will benefit from getting good number of new subscribers.

Submit to Ezine Directories

There are thousands of free and paid Ezine Directories available on the net. Simply go to: (

Do a search for "Ezine Directories" and you will get a list of ezine directories where you can submit your article.

You can review the top 20 Ezine Directories at: (

Those are the few ways of helping you to get started to build up your fresh new opt-in list from scratch. With the highly targeted opt-in list you have built up, follow-up with your list, build a good relationship with your subscribers and that will create a unlimited income from your list for life.

Best of Success,
Jun Han

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About the Author
Jun Han is the owner of - "Discover the Highly Effective and Proven Strategies" on building your own 100% highly targeted, responsive Opt-in List. To Discover the TOP Listmasters Highly Effective and Proven Strategies, Simply Subscribe to our Newsletter at: (


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