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How to Get Ridiculously High Quality Affiliate Leads

By Dermot Hogan
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Its a simple fact.

The most lucrative affiliate programs will have the most competition.

Take for example web hosting, which is a very profitable type of affiliate program, pays as much as $10 a month for sales. If you wanted to buy pay per click advertising on Overture you would have to pay over $8.00 for the #1 position and around $2.00 for the #40 position.

So how do you get qualified traffic to your affiliate link without spending thousands of dollars? Simple, make them pay to look at your affiliate link.

What do I mean by this? The best prospects you will ever get are people who have already bought a related product from you. If you earn their trust through giving them more than they expected they are very likely to buy from you again.

Setting this up is simple. Find a product related to the program your promoting. This is not as hard as you might think. Go to any search engine and type in resale rights, you will get thousands of results.

Then concentrate on selling as many copies as possible. Dont worry about making anything on the initial product sale. You want to just focus on the back end.

Create an affiliate program for the product with a very high commission. 75% percent would be a good level to keep it at.

Then start emailing webmasters with sites related to your product and offer them the 75% commission. With a commission that high you will definitely get a few to take you up on the offer.

The key step in this process is setting up your customer follow-up system. Youll need a follow-up auto responder for this.

Heres a simple guide to setting this up.

Message 1:
This should be a message to thank the customer for buying your product and should make a small mention of how the affiliate product can help them.

Message 2:
This should give the customer a special unadvertised bonus to further earn there trust. Plus you should mention the affiliate product again. Even better would be to make the bonus a report or ebook and work the affiliate link into it.

Message 3:
Create a special offer that your customer can only get through your affiliate link. Make sure you offer something that is as valuable if not more valuable then the affiliate product. Write good sales copy explaining the benefits of both your bonus and the affiliate product.

Message 4:
Add on yet another bonus for them to order through you affiliate link. Again write good sales copy for this bonus and continue to stress the benefits of the affiliate product. Dont worry about repeating yourself, repetition sells. The more times you expose your prospect to the affiliate product the more likely they are to buy.

Message 5:
This should be batch email sent to the entire customer list periodically send an offer to this customer list that is both time and people sensitive. For example: For 50 people only, if you order affiliate product in the next 24 hours you will get xzy bonus. Make sure you stick to these limits or else your offers won't be taken seriously.

This system is especially effective with affiliate programs that pay recurring or lifetime commissions. To see this system step by step in action go to: (

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