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"How To Use Viral Marketing To Blast and Expand Your Sales!"

By A.T.Rendon
Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

Viral Marketing is the current buzzword phrase with regard to doing business online.

In a study released earlier this month by Forrester Research, (, the conclusion was reached that those of us wanting to engage in online marketing should focus particularly and more aggressively on viral marketing.

What exactly is "Viral Marketing"?

Viral marketing is the Internet equivalent of "word-of-mouth advertising.

Have you ever visited a web site or received an email that impressed you so much that you immediately sent an email to your personal list of friends and family to share that info with them?

If you answered yes to the above question then you have already been bitten by the viral marketing bug.

It does not matter whether it was online business related or not, viral marketing is the act of spreading the online word or information about a given subject.

Many a non-business web site have received a million plus visitors due strictly to viral marketing. Those of us wanting to do business online can only dream of tapping into half that number of visitors.

How can you create a Viral Marketing effect for your online business?

There are several methods that have proven successful to create a viral marketing effect:

1. Give It Away For FREE.

The concept of FREE has fueled the imagination and the success of the Internet itself. And, although the FREE business model has been greatly scaled back in the post-bust Internet days, it is difficult to argue with the viral marketing success achieved by the early pioneers of FREE email, FREE web sites, FREE auto-responders, etc.

For those of us that can not afford to give away such expensive resources, we can give away FREE e-books, FREE reports, FREE Ezines or other such FREE information.

2. Attach Your Message To Each FREE Item.

All of those FREE email, FREE web sites, and FREE auto-responder services always added their short message to their FREE product or service.

You can do the same thing with your FREE e-books, FREE reports, FREE Ezines or other such FREE information.

We have found a successful way of getting new subscribers to our FREE Newsletter by offering FREE information on a variety of online business related subjects via auto-responders.

3. Duplicate And Multiply Your FREE Efforts.

When you give away FREE e-books, FREE reports, FREE Ezines or other such FREE information, make it easy for others to turn around and offer those FREE items to other like-minded online business interested individuals.

This not only duplicates your efforts but also has the effect of multiplying the work that you distribute.

Instead of just you doing the distribution, you can create a legion of people that willingly pass along your message when it is wrapped nicely inside of a FREE offer of some sort.

Begin your Viral Marketing efforts with these few easy steps and you will soon see the results by an increase in traffic and email. That will always equate to more new and expanded sales.

About the Author
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