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Increasing Your Profits Through Other Peoples Advertising.

By Gareth Longbottom
Posted Monday, December 20, 2004

One of the first questions I ask a new prospect who joins my family of highly motivated people is:

What other programs have you been involved with, and if you are no longer an active member, why did you leave?

The most frequent response I get is: .......... "I didn't get into the program early enough, so too many people were promoting it."

Just think about that for a minute.

Every day we hear...... "the fortune is in the follow-up" and...." it takes on average seven contacts before a prospect will act, or click through to your web site".

We are told this time and time again because it's true, it's been proven many times by people who are earning thousands of dollars each month.

So start beleiving it.

Setting up an effective autoresponder series is one of the first things I help my own people do. It's a must if you want to succeed online!

So, let's say you just joined a new program or opportunity and you place an add in a newsletter, but what you don't realize is that in the last few weeks other people have placed adds in the same publication for the same program as you.

Does this mean that your add will be less effective because the reader has seen it several times in previous issues?

Of course not!!

The reader is now starting to get curious about this program that people are joining, the reader is now getting more exposure to your program from other people advetising in the newsletter, the reader is now sitting up and taking notice.

The best part is................the reader is about to click on YOUR refferal link because he has been exposed to the program through other peoples advertising efforts.

So if your add cost $100 and three other people have placed the same add for the same program but you get the clickthrough, then you just got £400 worth of advertising for $100.

Not bad!!

This type of exposure has a similar effect as an autoresponder series of messages, and is just one of the many reasons why newsletter and ezine advertising has become so effective.

Just think about the times when you have responded to an add in any of the newsletters or ezines that you subscribe to. How many times had you seen that add before you clicked through to the website or autoresponder for more info?

One of the biggest and continually effective businesses online has over 8,000,000 affiliates and has been in business for over 10 years.

If over exposure killed an affiliates chances of making a significant income in a program, then this company would have dissapeared some time ago. They go from strength to strength year after year, so do those affiliates who can see the big picture and dedicate themselves.

If you needed any convincing about how you can turn other peoples advertising into your profit, then that example alone should make you realize that it works.

Why not use it to your advantage and start seeing your affiliate income soar?

About the Author
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