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By Darren Andrews
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Okay, I'm an ideas guy. I'll admit it. My aim in this little article is to reveal to you some ideas that you've likely never heard before. Whether you are a program manager or an affiliate, or both, there should something of value below!

Idea #1 - Affiliate Link Rotation

IF you own an affiliate program then why not increase the incentive of your affiliates by placing *their* link on your site? I mean that your home page *is* hardcoded to their affiliate link!

All you'd need to do is set up a redirect on your index page with their affiliate link in it.

Why do this? Well, it will get you a whole bucket full more affiliates for one thing! Can you imagine how they will feel? "Wow, this merchant's going to credit me with all sales / sub-affiliates that come to his home page!"

There are two methods you could employ to rotate this, depending upon your traffic.

(a) If you get only a few sales you might offer your new affiliates the opportunity to have their link remain active until they get a sale - a guarantee from you!

(b) If you have a high volume of sales then you may wish to allow only a certain time period (or, more fairly, a certain number of hits) for each affiliate link.

Of course, how easily you can do this will depend upon your affiliate software.

Idea #2 - Getting SubAffiliates

If you are an affiliate and want more sub-affiliates then you *must* offer an incentive to your subscribers / site visitors to join up under you.

Here's an example of how I did this. I set up a page on one of my sites ( and offered to place an ad on my site for anyone who had an article accepted -- as long as they signed up through my affiliate link (for a writing course) as my subaffiliate!

This is a double benefit to me because (a) I get more subaffiliates and (b) it's a great incentive for people to use my service.

The result? Well, I now have over 60 subaffiliates in that one program alone. I get a check *every* month and I do absolutely nothing!

You'll need to adapt this to your own site / ezine of course.

Idea #3 - Personally Host Your Superaffiliates' Cloaked Affiliate Links!

There are a few cloaking devices out there now, no not the Klingon ones, the ones that use zero-frame technology to keep your URL present in the browser address bar at all times.

If you own an affiliate program why not offer a select few superaffiliates or JV partners their own cloaked redirect page on your site?

Why do this?

Well, if you don't they might do it from their site and you'll lose the URL when visitors from your superaffiliate's site visit your own. This will lose you name recognition and possibly book-marking if they have it in their minds to use only the absolute URL (which will be your superaffiliate's site and not your own!).

Another reason is that it will give a greater benefit to your superaffiliate - not least of which will be the perception among his own subscribers that he is *not* pushing an affiliate program!

To learn how to set up redirects (and about cloakers) visit: (

About the Author
Darren Andrews is an Internet marketer and likes unique ideas - preferrably no-cost ones! One of his own "unique" ideas, supported by some of the top names in Internet marketing, can be viewed at:


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