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PROVEN ways to get Traffic to YOUR Site

By Branko Rakic
Posted Monday, October 11, 2004

What ever you do on the internet, you must bring traffic to your site. There are many reports, courses and ebooks written about internet marketing. Many of them are offering a magic or secret formula for quick and permanent traffic flow to you site.

But the truth is a little different. As you know the internet changes every day and so the promotional methods and tactics as well. The promotional techniques that worked a few years ago are more or less useless today.

For example let us see a FFA pages. Submitting to FFA pages was something you had to do to promote your site. Today, submitting to FFA pages is waste of time. The Big guys know that and use them in other purpose. They don't submit their ads to FFA pages and classified ad sites, but they own those sites. They use a simple and very effective technique.

Every time when someone submit an ad to that sites, they send him/her a conformation with their promotional message included. At the same time they get their links on the thousands of other pages which brings them a better link popularity with search engines.

Submitting to search engines and directories is something you must do to promote your site. It's very hard to reach ranking in the top 20 listings on search engine or directory because they change their programs for indexing pages very often. So you must learn a lot about meta tags and their optimizing for better ranking on the search engines.

On the other hand some search engines more then meta tags prefer a link popularity of your site - how many other sites have link to your site. My advice to you:

- provide a good content site and - do you meta tags properly.

Don't spend too much of your time in optimizing pages for search engines because there are still so many other ways to bring traffic to your site. But if you really want a high ranking though, you will need some work to do and some money to invest in a program that will help you to get the top rating.

Visit this site:( .

Before continue, let us say a few words about domain names. Why you need your own domain name when you can get so many free pages as you want? Free pages are good for a personal or home page, but for building business on the web you need domain. Not having a domain is the biggest mistake you can make in creating business related web site. Domain is not just a name, it's much more:

- it's the cheapest way to start your own business, - business people take you more serious - you are recognized on the web - you avoid disturbing banners from free web hosting companies.

For $35 or less per year is the most effective way to become your own boss. If you want to run successful online business, buying a domain is your first and most important investment.

Starting your own ezine is the most important part in your internet marketing business. A Free ezine will generate instant traffic to your site. Submitting your site to search engines and classified ad sites is not enough to make dissent profit. There are not many sites where prospects make a purchase on their first visit.

Actually, people don't come to your site with intention to buy your product or service. They come for information, they come to learn. That is the reason why you must run ezine to provide useful information for your visitors. The better information they get, the more satisfied they will be. You are on the right way to build a great relationship with your visitors and ezine subscribers, based on trust and confidence.

Now you can do business with them because they know you and believe you. They will buy your product or service, join your network or opportunity and bring new subscribers to you ezine. You will realize that your ezine subscribers list is more important for you then your web site. Your web site is just one of the tools to attract visitors to subscribe to your ezine. This is the most powerful way to build your own sales organization.

Writing articles is even more powerful way to bring traffic to your site or to get subscribers for your ezine. There are thousands of ezines and newsletters on the internet. They all publish articles. Editors are looking for good articles to provide fresh information for their subscribers.

Here is your chance to write an article which could be published in many ezines and newsletters. At the end of every article is byline - few lines where the author introduces himself and invitation for visiting his site or for subscribing to his ezine. Imagine how many visitors or subscribers you can get if some ezines publish your article. Unfortunately many people are afraid to write articles because they think you must have a special gift for writing articles. But that is not truth.

You don't pretend to become best selling writer in the world, but write a few words about your hobby, business or passion. You can learn that studying from many free reports, articles and courses. Practicing you will be able to write a solid and readable article acceptable for the most people on the internet. So start writing your article now.

Here are some links where you can submit your article for free publishing in other ezines or to find articles for your ezine.

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About the Author
Branko Rakic - independent internet marketing researcher. You can send me your comments or feedback to or get your free business building system (


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