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'Resistance' means Success for Affiliates

By David McKenzie
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I often receive emails in my inbox asking me to join new affiliate programs. In fact, I probably receive about 20 such emails every week.

What should you do when you receive offers to join a new affiliate program?

Usually the email goes something like “Please join our new incredible affiliate program that pays 50% direct commissions and 20% commissions for the 2nd tier … “

Your mind immediately focuses on the 20% direct commission and 10% indirect commissions that you receive on most of your existing affiliate programs.

It’s not enough. You could be earning more. You could be earning half on every sale! Quick, you better jump on this new affiliate program as it sounds like a real winner.

But wait…

The mistake you probably made is to join the new affiliate program at all.

Follow these 3 “Rules of Resistance” when deciding whether to join a new affiliate program. These will help you decide whether joining a new affiliate program is really the right thing to do.

1. You should ONLY join a new affiliate program if you can remain focussed by adding it. Will it detract from the
affiliate programs you already promote? Does it “fit” with the existing programs you promote.

2. An affiliate program is only as successful as the affiliate promoting it. It does not matter how good a new program sounds; unless you can completely devote yourself to the marketing of it, you will not be successful with it. Ask yourself the question “Will you have enough time to adequately promote this new affiliate program?”

3. Will joining this new program mean you have less time to promote your other affiliate programs? If the answer is yes then your income from your existing programs will suffer. Unless you can be completely confident you can cover this loss of income with the new affiliate program, then do not join it.

Affiliates are always being bombarded with new opportunities and new affiliate programs that have even bigger and better commissions. However, unless you remain focussed, these new
opportunities are unlikely to result in greater success.

Often, resistance is the best path to success. Resist joining too many affiliate programs. I do it every day.

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