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Self Perpetuating traffic

By Godfrey Heron
Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ah, that Holy Grail, visitors gravitating towards your site like steel to a magnet. Is it possible to obtain TRULY viral traffic generation techniques that feed on each other and replicate automatically without your input? We all know about Synergy, the concept that the whole is in fact greater than the sum of its parts. Can this concept be applied to marketing strategies?

The promotion strategy that really took off this year was the "start/home page" traffic generation programs. These operate by changing your start page to the traffic programs specified page. Each time you start your browser you would see a page from someone else's website. Someone in turn would also see your site, based upon a system of credits earned per viewing.

Two such popular programs are Startblaze and NoMoreHits. This was a fantastic concept and so, not surprisingly, a host of other start page traffic generation programs were developed, some offering better viewing credit ratios than the two previously mentioned.

Now if we embodied the concept of synergy with these programs we could combine eight or more of the most popular programs. Each time you started your browser you would earn hits from all of them. Well this can be done using a little javascript juggling. Click here: ( to see how this may be done.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, it is possible to trigger a CHAIN-REACTION by linking a number of FREE programs together.

I believe in the principal of 'TANSTAAFL' (There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). Even if a program is free you will have to (at least initially), invest substantial TIME in promoting it. Typically the trade off is time or money. Do you automatically submit your webpages according to a schedule for a couple of bucks? or do you manually wade through various submission pages for free?

Having said that, you should also bear in mind that traffic derived from free programs may be less targeted, but a hit is a hit, and if you receive thousands of free visitors a day, even with a low conversion rate, the only potential drawback may be in extra bandwidth used.

For a look at how to synergistically combine up to 50 traffic programs each feeding into each other see: (
Even if you don't follow the full strategy it gives you the most comprehensive guide to free traffic building resources that I have seen.

About the Author
Godfrey Heron is the Website Manager of Irieisle Online a leading webhosting and design company. Hosting solutions Starting from US$9.95. (


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