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Testimonials And Bonuses The Greatest One-Two Punch To Extraordinary Affiliate Site Sales!

By Nathan Lynch
Posted Thursday, November 18, 2004

Question: which factor would most sway you to purchase a product or service on the net? Lower price or a fantastic testimonial.

A heart-felt honest testimonial is hands down the best way to get a prospect to buy.

The importance of seeing one anther's testimonial is one of The biggest reasons people purchase on-line and off. Combine this with your own unique selling proposition and see your affiliate sales explode right before your eyes!

People love to see someone having success with a product or service. Just look at Brad Ricdale or any other informational guru. Most of the half hour long commercials are made up of testimonials.

Why is this even more powerful on the Net?

Well, the 'Net' is impersonal and sometimes intimidating. Lets just take for example someone coming from a search engine. He or she are looking for some product or service that you have. This is probably the first time they have seen your or heard anything about you or your affiliate they are less inclined to buy.

Even the seasoned internet surfer, or in this case, an internet marketer will hesitate to buy if there has not been enough information provided or if they do not feel comfortable with you or your affiliate. Put your prospect at ease and your selling will be more effective.

Hint: A testimonial from a fellow webmaster or a personal endorsement in an ezine will pay incredible dividends. This is the missing ingredient when selling products or services on the Net. Create trust on the net and thrive not just survive.

Now lets combine this incredible testimonial with your own USP (Unique Selling Point) or, as I call it your "Unique Selling Position". Once you offer your unique selling position to the prospect you have put your product or service in "A Unique Position to Sell!". Make sure that it is totally different from what anybody is offering and if the prospect perceives it as ultra-useful you've got a winner on your hands. Combine some software, e-book or information that the prospect may feel adds value to your product or service. Voila! Guaranteed Sale!


Because know one else does this. People just think that if they get a lot of traffic to their site and put up an affiliate's banner that the orders will just come flooding in. Wrong! Give more then anyone else and watch your sales shoot through the roof!

Now Take Action! Good Luck and see You at the Top!

About the Author
Nathan Lynch is the editor of Sell-Your-Site Like Crazy! Newseletter.Nathan Lynch here with my latest article for your kind consideration. I'm certain your readers will get an interesting perspective on Internet Marketing from "Testimonials and Bonuses: The Greatest One-Two Punch To Extraordinary Affiliate Sales!".


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