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The Little Web Site That Could

By Irina
Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

Promoting even the best opportunity on the Internet is tough...
... unless you have a responsive list of open-minded opportunity seekers interested in building a profitable on- line business.

Generating such a list can be just as tough... ... unless you can offer something so universally irresistible that only a few (if any!) can possibly turn you down.

This keeps many people skeptical about the Internet marketing in general and the MONEY IN THE LIST notion in particular. I was one of them too. And that's just one more reason to share my experience with you, especially if you are new to the Internet marketing.

Some time ago, I began to pay attention to the numerous adverts that urged me to put my computer to work and start raking in a fortune. I now think that I had a lucky star over my head because, though tempted to embark on several ventures, all of which required a start up fee and a monthly subscription, instead I took notice of a little web site that plainly talked about FREE programs.

Just imagine, with all the fly-by-night scams, empty too-good-to-be-true promises and outright illegal pyramids flooding the Internet, I had found a real gold nugget - honest to goodness online income stream that, by using the proper system, could be multiplied over and over and over again. And the best part was - ANYONE could do it! It didn't take ANY money to get started - just some time on a computer hooked up to the Internet.

At that time I hardly knew the significance of such words as REFERRAL or LEAD and what it meant to my future success or otherwise! But, something told me to go with it anyway, and not just because it was free, though that did help.

After I started, it didn't take too long for me to grasp the priceless value of what I had stumbled across. The system was very easy to PROMOTE because it was free and very easy to DUPLICATE because it was simple. Later on, I realized that it also had all the success attributes that the highly regarded Internet marketing gurus keep talking about in their confidential testimonials:

- Offer something of real value - Make your advertising personal - Put your visitors at ease by telling them everything up front
- Provide excellent customer service and support - Don't try to sell anything right from the bat, just gather names, email addresses and build up rapport.

To see what I am talking about click on the link below (

That's the best Internet marketing strategy you can ever start with! As time goes by, you will try other strategies and tactics, some being more successful than others. So did I, yet I still keep my first little web site and gather names, email addresses and build up rapport with my future customers and business associates. The little web site still CAN!!!

Promoting on the Internet can be easy... ... if you have a responsive list of open-minded opportunity seekers interested in building a profitable on- line business.

(C) by Irina 2003.

=========================================================== About the Author:
Irina helps people save on healthcare and create steady stream of residual income working from home ( (


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