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The Only Visitor That Counts Is A Repeat Visitor

By Dr. Bill Nieporte
Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

"Get 5000 Visitors In The Next 30 Days-->Guaranteed!"

You've seen headlines like this one. Perhaps you've even purchase the HIT GENERATION service in the hope that it might sky-rocket your online business success.

These days-->with the sophisticated tracking software used by many hit generation businesses, it is possible for people to actually deliver on their promise and produce traffic at you site. In fact, they can even produce TARGETTED traffic-->people interested in the kind of offers you make on your site.


Seriously, does that increased traffic really make a difference. Sadly, for most sites, the answer it NO!

Why not? Well, let's begin by stating that the problem is not with the hit generation company. They are doing exactly what they promise to do-->bring traffic to your site.

The problem is you, or rather with your site. It is not doing what it is suppose to do! There are two potential problems. Your site may not be keeping the visitors long enough for them to place an order. Or your site is not offering your visitors a reason to BOOKMARK and return to your site.

This article is written with the following assumption: The Only Visitor That Counts Is A Repeat Visitor!

An old advertising proverb declares: "Six times and they're sold!" Here's the theory: "To make a sale you need to get your marketing presentation in front of a prospect at least six times."

So here's the question: How can you create a site that will motivate people to keep coming back and become a REPEAT VISITOR?

That is more simple than it sounds! Here's the answer in a nutshell: Offer people a reason to come back and they will!

So what do people want? Here is a brief list of things that PEOPLE WANT in life. If your site includes fresh and interactive content that addresses these WANTS, then they will keep coming back to your site.

People want to know how to make money. People want to find ways to win money. People want to learn how to save money. People want to lose weight. People want to look better. People want to feel better. People want to have a better sex life. People want to have a happier home life. People want to have more knowledge. People want to help others. People want to experience personal success in life. People want to develop friendships.

You get the point, don't you?

So--how do you begin to address these WANTS on your site in order to attract REPEAT VISITORS. Here are three ideas:


A discussion board can be a tremendous draw for repeat visitors. They can provide your visitors with an opportunity to make comments, offer advice, and/or ask questions. The benefits are numerous. A sense of community will develop around your site. Friendships will form. People will learn from one another. They will discover ways to help others.

All this will add up to ongoing repeat visitors-->which will greatly increase your business success.


People want to get more money and more stuff. Greed may or may not be good, depending on how you define it. One thing you can't deny is that it is a real motivation.

So find a way to feed that motivation in a postive manner. Host a contest on your site. There are several different businesses that you can join that will permit you to host THEIR sweepstakes contest. People will keep coming back to your site for a chance to win-->and their return visits make it more likely that you will win their business.


A recent survey from a major search engine asked how people used the Internet. The overwhelming response was that people used it for research--to get more information about a topic of interest.

Now asked yourselves two questions!

-->What is the niche of your web site? -->How can you educate people about that subject?

For example, one of my sites (, is clearly focused on ezine editing and promotion. The site markets several products that will aid the typical ezine editor.

In order to educate people to start or publish a better ezine, I have included a brief tutorial, an article library, advertising options, free on subject ebooks, ezine recommendations, autoresponder reports, and much more. The site is changing constantly to keep people wanting to come back for more.

Isn't this more useful than hundreds of banners, buttons, and flashing links?

Please remember that the key to you success is not to get them to come to you site--but to come back. If they don't come back you won't make the sale!

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