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Use The Media To Make Your Personality Famous

By Kevin Nunley
Posted Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The media and public love certain kinds of personalities. Although few of us really have those personalities, all of us can cultivate the public image that we have one of them.

This can make you a favorite of the public and a darling of the media. I don't have to tell you how good that can be for your sales.

Here are some examples of personality types the public jumps for:

The Expert People Can Talk To. Everyone wants to have their problems solved by an expert. Write articles, get interviewed on talk radio, put your expert tips on your site. Then invite everyone to call your expert line or send an email.

The Techno Whiz Kid. Everyone knows computers and techno gadgets can make life easier and earn lots of money. Yet most of us are still a bit befuddled by computers and know little about how most technology works. If electronics, programming, or even using technology is one of your strengths, stress it to the media and public.

The Pioneer. If you are the first to do something, make sure you publicize it.

Your personality can have a lot to do with how much you sell, but your profession can as well. Consider this- most teachers have an incredible network of people they know in all walks of life and business. When you spend a semester working with the same 30 people each week, you get to know all about them and the industries they work in.

Many people who teach find the experience enriches their business. Some find a consulting business automatically grows out of it.

Teaching a class is a fine way to become known throughout the community for your knowledge and skill.

Most colleges and universities hire part-time teachers. You can teach an evening class about almost any subject. Many times the only requirement for teaching a community enrichment course is you have experience in the subject you are teaching.

While it isn't a good idea to sell directly to students, many will be happy to introduce you to managers and specialists they know or work with.

Also look for opportunities to appear on instructional TV programs and contribute to book and journals. The number of these instructional radio and TV talk programs has exploded in recent years. Just about every station has a talk show and many air nothing but talk.

Be ready to do your interview. You will want to be informed and energetic. Most interviews are short. Watch interviews on CNN these days. They rarely last more than 60 seconds.

Breath deeply. Do a few deep knee bends. You want to be warmed up and ready to go when you hit the microphone.

Have a sheet of questions and answers you can give the host or producer. The host will work from your sheet. This gives you a great shot at being asked the right questions--questions you already know the answer to. Ever wonder how experts instantly know an answer to a question during interviews? The expert gave the host the questions to ask.

Use plenty of expression in your voice. Talking the way you do in everyday life will come off as a monotone on air. Speak crisply. Get to the point quickly.

Remember that if you do decide to market yourself through an instructional program that people flick to certain kinds of personalities. Play it off, and you could really up your business.

About the Author
Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice, business writing, and popular promotion packages. See his 10,000 free marketing ideas at ( Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.


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