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Where Do We Go From Here?

By John Colanzi
Posted Sunday, October 10, 2004

The internet keeps changing so fast, it gets hard to keep up with promotional methods that work. What worked yesterday may no longer work today.

If you've been on the net any length of time, you know what I'm talking about.

Many of today's time wasters, were solid marketing methods only a few years ago. It seems when something works well there is always someone, ready willing and able to abuse the system and render the method useless.

Abuse killed the free classified sites, the newsgroups, and so many other marketing methods.

Now the abusers are making it harder and harder for ezine owners. Through blatant spamming they've made spam filters a growing part of email.

Some of the filters are so strict, that it's almost impossible for an ezine to get through.

Many ezines have to contend with a percentage of their readers, no longer receiving their publications. Not because the reader doesn't want it, but because it just won't get through the filters.

Many publications have switched to sending a notice when their latest issue is online.

They are also losing a percentage of their readers, because many won't click the link and visit the web page.

The greatest marketing tool on the net is now the latest victim of the abuse masters.

Who ends up hurt the most?


They no longer have the level playing field that made the net such a powerful tool for new entrepreneurs.

So what is the future of marketing and promotion?

Viral marketing!

As the noose tightens and it becomes harder to find methods of promoting your products and services, you better learn viral marketing.

It's been an extremely powerful marketing method and will become more so as other methods become harder to implement.

If you're serious about your future success, you better start using the viral methods of promotion.

* Free Articles

* Free eBooks

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* Free Reports

* Free Software

Hitch a ride on the viral marketing train or your business may go the way of the dinosaur.

The future is now.

About the Author
John Colanzi has been writing for the Internet for 3 years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use mindset medication to join the ranks of the successful, prosperous marketers. His latest eBook, "7 Secrets Of Success" is available free at: (


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