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Why You Need More Than One Affiliate Program

By Gary McLeod
Posted Thursday, November 18, 2004

There are many reasons why not to have just one affiliate program. Primarily, what happens when the one company that you are affiliated with changes hands, policies, or just plain falls apart. The downline that you worked so hard to build, and to have a business relationship is now gone. This downline will now be busy finding another company to join. A true online business success can only be developed with people. Consider this, how much interest will companies have in their members that have no online contacts. I would think Zero. By having more then one affiliate program, if a company folds, you will be able to retain 95% of your downline. Your most online success asset.

Not to say that you should join just any affiliate program that comes along. One must make sure that an affiliate program has value and is compatible with your primary program. By value, does this new program compliment your main program. By compatible, can you use this new program to promote/market your main program? Will this new program attract new affiliates by offering something of value for free, offer notification of a new signup. Even the big companies have figured out the best way to add extra efficiency to their products/service is with a free offer. To realize any real contacts or money from your new program it must intertwine with your main program. By picking a program that is similar to your site, you can place the affiliate link on your website without it standing out like a yellow taxi going down the street with all four doors open. Hey don't laugh, I see this everyday! Because your website appeals to a certain audience, many affiliate programs do not appeal to your visitors. For example, if you sell baby clothes, why in the world would you try to market heavy equipment?

It would be counter productive to place an affiliate program that does not meet the above criteria. In other words, only put links on your sites that lead to your other sites or personal interests. Make sure you are using them, not that they are using you. ie Banner Exchanges. Some examples are: My Free Link Page, Greenspun link directories, i/us Site Directories, Special Report Network, free web pages, free banner services, free income programs. However, do not overburden yourself with to many affiliate programs. Remember that the more programs you have the more divided your time will be to promote/market your affiliate links. This is especially true for part timers.

By integrating new programs within your main program, you will be able to attract new contacts. Thus, creating a larger downline with each new program. New programs can also generate more traffic to your website by providing links to your website. One could say that a new affiliate program may become so popular that it could become enormous, and create an online residual income that will provide for you and your family for years to come. With a more diversified business plan you can rocket your businesses and teams into an accelerated Cyber Machine.

[b]About the Author[n/]
Gary McLeod is the webmaster at, a website that specializes in internet marketing and promotion which get results. They also provide downloadable ebooks for your marketing strategies. Mack49 can be reached at: ( or 372 352-3489)


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