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Why You Should Be an Affiliate of Several Products

By Dennis Eppestine
Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2004

If you're like me, you're probably an affiliate of several different products. While managing several of them can lead to a bit of confusion at first, I still believe it's better to be involved with more than one.

Why? More income! While I may be promoting Internet Marketing products, it really doesn't matter WHAT area your interests lie in. For example, on one of my other sites, I'm promoting something entirely different. Never-the-less, I am promoting 5 or 6 different affiliate programs, and it's not even finished yet!

Why should you do this? Like I said, more income, but let's break it down. Why does it necessarily mean more income if you belong to more affiliate programs?

Because everybody is looking for something different. A couple of examples:

1) You may have been marketing on the Internet for awhile, but your sales aren't what you'd like. You've examined every detail and come to the conclusion that you need better sales copy. So naturally, you're looking for marketing tools about sales letters or sales copy. A general overview of Internet Marketing would do you no good. If I can provide BOTH, then I can sell products to more people.

2) You're looking for a job and want a professional resume, but you don't have a lot of extra money. In that case, you need help writing your OWN resume. On the other hand, you could be currently employed, with no time for learning how to write a resume. In that case, you might be looking for a resume writing SERVICE.

As you can see from the above examples, it just makes good sense to promote more than one product.

Now, how to manage them? Belonging to several affiliate programs can get confusing. It's easy to forget the URL or the username and password. Here's what to do:

1) Write down every affiliate program you belong to. The list is probably longer than you think!

2) Open up Word (or whatever word processor you like) and start listing each complete URL to EVERY affiliate program. Then, beside each one, enter your username and password.

3) PRINT THE LIST! If you join a new one, enter all the information, and print a NEW list. If you're computer has troubles, you won't believe how glad you'll be that you printed this document!

Think you won't forget a detail? You will. Maybe not at first, but before you know it, you'll belong to several affiliate programs, and you'll forget a username or password. Then you'll have to frantically search through hundreds of old emails, crossing your fingers that you didn't delete it.

So join as many affiliate programs as you need, just keep track of the details.

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