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Will Amazon Leave Affiliates DEAD?

By Lee Benson
Posted Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today I have a little story for you.

During my daily Internet escapades, a marketing buddy of mine pointed me in the direction of a new press release that was announced on CNET on February 25th 2000.

I was so shocked when I read the release, that my mind wandered off in countless directions, trying to grasp the devastating effect that this could bring to the world of e-commerce. "No, surely not" I said to myself.

I quickly realized that the press release I just read could entail me losing over HALF of my monthly revenue.

It's true.

DEATH TO SOME AFFILIATE PROGRAMS could soon be the reality. (Well, at least the existing technologies that are used), the leading Internet bookstore and e-commerce giant, applied for a patent to cover it's affiliate program technologies on June 27th 1997.

It seems as though got there first before any one, and started off the affiliate craze. Unfortunately, they realized that their competitors would also employ similar affiliate tactics to increase sales. So they applied for a patent governing exclusive copyrights to the technology that controls and operates the affiliate software.

If enforced, it would mean that some companies would either have to apply for a license to continue using their affiliate programs, or would have to cease using them as a marketing method.

The bad news is they received their patent on Tuesday.

The big question now is "Will Amazon Enforce It?". Only time will give the answer. But if they do, this could mean a big, BIG change in the e-commerce world.


As an Internet marketer, you may have to change the way your own affiliate program operates. You may find that the affiliate programs you're involved in now cease to operate, or are forced to change in the way that they work.

Or, maybe nothing will happen.

But the point is, will you be ready for the change if it DOES happen? How will your business cope? How will you cover for the lost revenue if your affiliate program stops?

The important message that lies beneath all this doesn't just stop at affiliate programs. It's about innovating for the future to cope with new drastic changes. Can you cope?

We're living in exciting times. The Internet is developing all around us, and the rules of e-commerce are being rewritten every day. What worked and applied yesterday may be irrelevant or outdated tomorrow.

The people who will truly succeed are the ones that can cope with these sudden changes, and inspire new marketing methods and techniques to keep their business booming.

Be ready for change. Not just for affiliate programs, but for anything in life. Expect change, and become so flexible that you can adapt to these changes effectively.

After all, life is full of changes, and the successful person can accept this and move on. Are you this type of person?

When change comes (in whatever form), will YOU be ready?

Until next time...

About the Author
Lee Benson is an avid marketer who devotes his full-time career to Internet marketing. His brand new online venture, Ezine-Traffic, GUARANTEES to boost your online traffic to bring MORE success using E-zines. Full, exciting info can be found at: (


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