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13 ways to a build a list of readers of your ezine

By Joop Liefaard
Posted Thursday, August 19, 2004

If you have an ezine or online newsletter you want to send it to potential customers. In order to send it you need a list of people who want to receive it. This article is about how you build a list of subscribers to your ezine. There are many ways to approach people and ask them to join your list. Because that is what it is all about.

Building your list

What is already available?

Maybe your business exists for some time and you have already customers. Add them to your list. If you have salesmen or -women in your staff (in case part of your business is off-line), ask them about their contacts as well. Check business cards and business correspondence (bills, invoices etc.).

A form on your web site.

Place a form on your web site where visitors can subscribe to your ezine. You can find the html code for a form on the internet and often your web host company offers forms for free.

Ezine directories

Ezine directories are a great place for you to promote your ezine. There are ezine categories for any kind of business. Before you submit your ezine you have to make a description of it. The description has to be short and compelling and reflect what your ezine is about. Search in an ezine directory for ezines like yours and read the descriptions. This gives you an idea about how the description should be. You find ezine directories by searching in e.g. Google with the search words ezine directories

Online advertising

Place ads online to promote your ezine.

Announcement ListsAnnouncements Lists are email lists where publishers can announce their ezine. Every list has some rules you have to follow before announcing, like name of the ezine, circulation, a short description, age category, where to subscribe etc. You also have to subscribe to the group before you can post.

Offline advertising

Place ads about your ezine in magazines, journals etc., that are related to your business and promote your ezine or online newsletter there. If you sell products about dog food, you may advertise your ezine in magazines and trade journals about dogs. You can also place a small ad in the pets section of your local newspaper and the pet store.


Distribute flyers at busy traffic points in your city or at markets, related to your business.

Business card

Mention your ezine and the subscribe email address on your business card.

Free Ads

Offer space for free ads. This attracts subscribers. If you consider doing this, don't forget to include this option in the description of your ezine. When potential subscribers search the directories they can see that you offer space for free ads.

Signatures files

Include at the end of your outgoing emails a short message about your ezine. Mention in the sig file where they can find your ezine and how they can subscribe. Don't forget to include the sig file also in your replies to emails.

Ad Swaps

Offer colleague publishers space for an ad in which he promotes his eziner. In return you can advertise your own ezine in his. Make for this purpose a compelling ad. The description of your ezine can be a guide for this.

Ad Co-ops

An ad co-op means that you place ads that are delivered to you by an intermediate. A person who offers ad space on the net. You place the ads he acquires and in return you can add the email address of the person who advertises to your list.

Ad co-ops contribute a great deal in building your list and you will see a rapid grow but the subscribers are not always the subscribers you want. The importance is often exaggerated.


Ask your subscribers to recommend your ezine to family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, business relations etc. You can e.g. put a small form in your ezine where subscribers can enter the email address of friends, family etc.

In closing

As you see... there are many ways to promote your ezine and build a list. When you do a brainstorm session you may even find more.

About the Author
Joop Liefaard uses his experience as a human resources manager to help home business owners to better organize themselves and their enterprises. Visit his website at ( for information about home business opportunities and resources.


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