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2 + 2 Make 4: Poor Man's Formula To Make Money

By Saqib Ali
Posted Friday, December 24, 2004

This article shows you how to start earning money today by reading emails. You have to pay nothing for the easy to follow formula. Is it possible to make money without spending a single cent?

And especially when:

You don’t have any experience of internet business and marketing? And

You have a lot of bad credits to Master or Visa credit card companies? And

You don’t have a single penny to pay for any service or product? And

You don’t like selling or purchasing?


It is possible.

Need a proof?

1- Send a blank email to

2- You shall receive a few emails in next couple of days.

3- Complete the tasks and you are well done.

You shall not be required at all to pay for any service or product.

But after three days:

1- You shall be running a hand-free, fully automated home based business.

2- Your business would be global for international visitors.

3- Neither you nor your visitors will ever need a credit card in future.

In the process you shall be shocked to know that:

1- You have made $680.00 real cash without any effort.

2- You can make regular money every month with a solid active FREE downline.

3- You have free tools to generate traffic to any site in the cyberspace.

4- You can develop big downline and mail list side by side simultaneously.

Stop paying to know “How to Earn Money” type of information. Start thinking how much money you need. Fix a target. Spend ¾ hours daily on internet and you will earn much more than you expect. Besides you shall find a lot number of excellent opportunities to multiply your money.

What is this all?

Is it another scam or a magic?

None of them.

It is very simple formula. Calculate it very carefully.

It simple formula as 2 + 2 = 4.

2 + 2 = 4 Money Making Formula

1- Open an account with ( It is FREE.

2- Go to ( to search “Get Paid To Read Emails” keyword.

3- Read the resultant pages carefully and join if:

a. They are international in their status.

b. They have low minimum payouts.

c. They allow you at least 5 levels deep referral layers.

d. They have no complaint anywhere on the internet. Visit different forums.

4- Ask your 10 friends to join those advertising companies through your links.

5- Also help them to develop your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th layer of referrals.

6- Spend two hours to read emails and one hour to promote your links.

7- You are done.

A Little Problem

The only problem with this formula is that it is extremely simple. It does not answer:

How much time you will take to find “honest” companies. Whatever number of pages is displayed by any search engine, less than 20% shall meet your strict criteria. To find 50 good sites you need to read at least 300 websites, their terms and help pages. If you do well, 30 minutes a site means more than 150 man hours.

How will you develop your downline fast? You need visitors to your website. You have to convince them to spend their time for you. You shall need a lot of marketing tools to promote your links.

Once a person joins a company through your referral ID, he becomes part of their database. You have no means to contact them. You can’t guide them anyway to develop your downline layers quickly. If the company proves fraud, you not only throw away hard earned money but also your loyal prospects and of course your business.

Visit ( to find a few soft answers to these hard looking problems. We have just placed ClickNCa$h to demonstrate the whole formula.


If you have not asked this question you must ask. We believe money can’t generate money. It is labor that generates the least money and it is idea that generates the maximum

There are millions websites on any given subject. Most of them have excellent products but little traffic to develop their mail list. They need visitors. They pay to search engines, open directories, marketers and writers to attract visitors and expand their mail lists. They know very well that once they cultivated confidence, their one message shall generate 70% response. They pay to the “Get Paid To Read Email” (GPTRE) companies for qualified traffic. The GPTRE companies pay you to read emails and visit websites.

You see it is a win-win game. The websites get highly targeted traffic. The GPTRE companies earn safe money. The consumers get first hand information and are paid for there all internet activities.

About the Author
Saqib Ali, Editor "The Homebizine" has just launched ClickNCa$h. You can make $680.33 Today and $1000.00 to $5000.00 every month just by reading emails. Visit ( to start magic.


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