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3 Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Resource Box

By Ken Hill
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

One of the most important parts of writing your articles is creating your resource box.

Your resource box is where you are able to tell your readers who you are and provide a short advertisement for your business.

To help you get the most out of the substantial amount of free ezine advertising writing articles can provide, I've provided three quick tips to help you increase the profit you get from your resource box.

To start:

1. Use your resource box to promote your ezine.

Your articles can be a fantastic way for you to showcase the outstanding content that can be found in your ezine and increase your circulation.

Also, people that subscribe to your ezine because they like your articles are more likely to read your publication because they enjoy your articles and buy things you recommend because they see you as an expert.

If you already write articles, but haven't yet allowed your articles to be reprinted in other ezines, I've listed some resources that can help you get your articles published for free in other ezines at

2. Provide a free marketing course in your resource box.

This can be a very effective way to promote your business because you are able to follow up with your prospects.

Your marketing course, like your article, should provide information your prospects can use to successfully promote their businesses.

If you already write articles, you can use your articles to form the different parts of your marketing course.

You can also use your marketing course to promote the products of affiliate programs you have joined that offer products related to your course.

3. Give away a free ebook in your resource box.

Your ebook could be a free trial of your product, or you could create an ebook compilation of your articles with links to your business in the resource box.

If you create an ebook compilation of your articles, you can further increase your profits, just like with your marketing course, by linking to affiliate programs that offer products that relate to your business.

Once you make your ebook compilation, you can allow webmasters to rebrand your ebook with a link to their business or website.

This can lead to your ebook being on many high traffic sites which can generate even more sales for you.

A good way for you to promote your ebook is to submit it to sites that list ebooks for people to download.

Some good sites you can submit your ebook to are:

1. (

2. (

3. (

4. (

5. (

After you develop a resource box, that brings in lots of sales, all you have to do is keep using it with every article you write.

Use these tips when making your resource box and you will be able to cash in even more on the substantial amount of free advertising you can get for your business by writing articles.

About the Author
Ken Hill publishes Net Promotion Marketer, full with internet marketing tips. Visit (


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