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"5 Powerful Free List-Building Tactics!"

By Michael S.L Bombard
Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2004

1. Promote your email list through an affiliate program. At ( you can easily set-up your own affiliate program at zero cost. You then just pay your affiliates a small commission per subscriber, or credit them with advertising impressions in your publication.

2. Use a "pop-in" box on your website to collect leads. It's a proven fact, those little boxes that pop-up when you visit a website can be up to 3,800% more effective, says Brian Garvin of . I have to agree! For an example pop-in box: (

3. Flaunt those testimonials and build credibility. Testimonials can play a huge role in how prospects repond to your advertisement. In fact, I'm sure I've made purchases based on a product's testimonials alone.

Adding a few testimonials to your web page or ad copy is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to immediately boost reponse rates. Try it. (Don't forget your order form!)

4. Take advantage of the free list-building services. There's a ton of these programs floating around the 'Net right now, and most work on a simple multi-level referral system. Not only do these generate more subscribers, but they also help to save you money!

My personal testing shows that Wes Blaylock's new system is the most effective - available 100% free at: (

5. Harness the power of referrals. This is a powerful strategy that should not be overlooked. Referrals are a very receptive bunch, mostly because they have already developed a small level of trust from the third parties recommendation.

You may want to try offering a free eBook or free report to people who refer new customers/subscribers to your website. This can be easily accomplished with the free automated traffic generator/referral service found at: (

About the Author
Michael is creator of the 'Outrageous Profit Tactics' FREE Email Course-- Discover How Your Website Can Experience a 31% to 288% Profit Increase Within the Next 40 Days!


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