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5 reasons for Work from home article writing

By Joel Teo
Posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Small Work from home websites tend to lack web traffic to their websites. It seems that this stems not from the lack of web design but actually it arises from the lack of good well written content. The easy way out is for you to get some written copy online and put it up on your site. But why do that when you could be writing it for yourself?
Here are some reasons that I could think off:

1. Writing Articles can boost your pagerank

Work from home sites love to have great page rank. I am sure that if you are a small to medium work from home website owner, you would agree with me as this could lead indirectly to more web traffic. Your page rank will only increase if more people link to you. What better way to ask for a link than to send the owner of a small website a copy of your latest articles? If the website that you are sending has a higher pagerank then your own website, your website’s ranking will increase correspondingly. So in other words the more in bound links to your website, the better your pagerank. Note some websites do not link to websites with low Pagerank (PR) so you might want to email the webmaster with your own article instead to see if the webmaster likes it to be included in his work from home site.

2. Writing articles can increase your qualified web traffic

To a work from home website owner there is a difference between web traffic and qualified web traffic. If your website is selling candles for instance, if a person clicks on a link from another work from home craft candle site and likes your candles they are more likely to buy it then say from a work from home nutrition site.

So when your articles are circulated more widely, you would notice that your web traffic will start coming from subject related sites and this will give you more “friendly” web traffic that might be more willing to purchase from your work from home business.

3. Writing Articles can hone your written communication skill

Working from home posses the challenge that you have a hundred and one things to do and you would be always asked by your friends and family why and what do you actually do online.

Writing articles allows you to focus your mind and determine what exactly about the business do you like and learn all you can about it and write about it. This will also help you articulate your desired thoughts better and in a more focused manner. This helps to clarify your thoughts and straighten your thoughts in your work from home business.

4. Writing Articles point direction for you to hone your Internet marketing skills

A work from home business that is online requires you to keep in constant contact with the various changes in the internet marketing scene. By keeping in constant touch with the Internet marketing scene and making slow tweeks to your website, you would be able to see improvements that you can then share with your article readers online and then lead them to your work from home website.

5. Writing Articles can help you bring more people to your newsletter

Finally, in your work from home business writing articles can be a source of viral traffic. If your work from home article is particularly thought provoking, people might actually forward your article to their friends and ezine owners might actually want to use your article in their Ezines thus bringing more people to your website.

In conclusion, learn from the best and start finding your niche in the internet work from home arena and start earning an income online today. Working from home can be very rewarding if you find the right subject and topic that you are particularly fired up. Each step you take today will help you in your work from home business for many years into the future.

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Joel Teo --Your Work at Home Biz Consultant
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