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5 Ways To Get More Subscribers To Your Ezine

By Ken Hill
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

1. Swap ads with other ezine publishers.

Swapping ads creates a win-win situation for you and the other publisher as both of you will get highly targeted promotion of your publications without spending any money.

When asking for an ad swap, personalize your email with that publishers name, and state what your ezine is about, how many subscribers you have, and how often you publish your ezine.

Swap ads for at least 3 issues in a row to maximize the number of new subscriptions to your ezine as well as to see which ezines are best to swap ads with.

If your ezine still has a relatively small subscriber base, you can still trade ads with ezines with a much larger circulation, by offering free ads, ebooks, promotional tools, software, or anything else of value to even up the swap.

2. Pay for classified ads and sponsor ads in ezines.

People that are already actively reading an ezine that deals with the topic yours does, will be very likely to be interested in what your ezine has to offer, and want to subscribe to it.

When paying for advertising in another ezine, your ad is going to be key in generating new subscriptions to your publication.

Start your ad off with an attention getting headline and stress the benefits your future subscriber will receive by subscribing to your publication.

Provide free bonuses to increase the number of people that subscribe such as free ebooks or a free ad, and end your ad with a call to action that directs your reader to click on your subscription address and visit your website.

3. Give your future subscribers a taste of the valuable content to be found in your ezine by writing articles.

Writing articles will supply you with a powerful way to reach thousands and thousands of subscribers at no cost, and also help you brand yourself as a trusted resource in your field of expertise.

Because people that subscribe after reading your articles have already proven to be interested in what you have to say, writing articles will also increase the number of your subscribers that read every issue of your publication.

This will give you more opportunities to market your products to your subscribers and generate more sales.

After you've finished writing your article, post your article on your site, to article directories and announcement lists, and submit your articles to ezine publishers directly.

4. Submit your publication to ezine directories and announcement lists.

Just like when placing a classified ad to promote your ezine, when submitting your ezine to directories and announcement lists, stress the benefits that your reader will get by subscribing to your publication -- what makes your ezine unique, a must read -- and spice up your offer by giving away free bonuses for subscribing.

It's also a good idea to make up a list of keywords that people would use to find your ezine, as some directories will ask for this when you submit to them.

[b\5. Promote your ezine in your signature file.[/b]

This is an often overlooked way to promote your ezine but can yield a very good return.

Your sig file should include your name, your ezine's name, the benefits of subscribing to your publication, any free bonuses you are offering, and a call to action that tells your reader how to subscribe to your ezine.

Keep your sig file to no more than 6 or 8 lines, and use your sig file in all your outgoing mail as well as when posting your advice to moderated discussion lists.

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