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7 Reasons You Should be Writing Articles

By David McKenzie
Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2004

You have probably heard that writing articles is a very successful internet marketing technique. But why is this so?

Here are 7 reasons why writing articles really works:

1. Writing articles is free marketing. You write your article and post it to a number of article resource sites. Then, ezine owners pick up your article and feature it in their ezine. All of this costs you nothing and you get free marketing.

2. The more articles you write, the more you become an expert in your field. Experts get featured a lot more widely.

3. By having lots of articles on lots of web sites around the world, you automatically rank above average on search engines because of your link popularity. All those links in the resource box back to your site can make a big difference in search engine ranking.

4. Writing articles can mean repeat business. In one ezine I have had about 8 of my articles published over the last couple of years. As the subscribers of this ezine have become more familiar with my business they are more inclined to buy from me again and again.

5. You could get yourself featured in a LARGE subscriber ezine. I have had a 500,000 subscriber ezine feature a couple of my articles and it increased my traffic by over 65% in the few days after the articles were published.

6. As most ezine publishers do not write their own articles they are always looking for other peoples' articles. If you write articles you can get yourself featured in dozens of ezines.

7. You could get published in a book. Just last week a popular book featured one of my articles. Now that is the ultimate in free publicity!

Writing articles really works. I have written dozens of articles and it is my most successful marketing technique. It costs nothing and can increase your traffic and sales tremendously.

About the Author
David McKenzie in an author of an ebook "How To Write Free Articles and Market Them With a 0 dollar Marketing Budget". Visit (


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