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An Introduction to (Smart) Autoresponders

By Micah D. Cranman
Posted Thursday, October 14, 2004

What is an autoresponder, and how will they help your business?

An autoresponder system for your site can increase your efficiency, save you time, and ultimately, by providing more information to your customers, increase your profits.

In short, an autoresponder is an automated "e-mail-on-demand" system that automatically responds to e-mails sent to specific addresses.

Now, let me go into a bit more detail so you can have a clearer understanding...

Have you ever used a "fax-on-demand" system? You know, the ones where you dial a certain fax number and automatically receive a fax back without actually interacting with someone?

If so, you know they're great because they allow you, the customer (or the person seeking information) to get that important info quickly and easily.

Well, e-mail autoresponders work in exactly the same way, only you send an e-mail to a specific address and get a pre-written response back.

But there was a problem...

For a long time, functionality of autoresponders was very limited in that you could only receive one message back. That made autoresponders a great way to send information, but they weren't too effective at increasing sales.

Here's why:

Because it normally takes 5-7 exposures (or "contacts") to a product or service before most people will buy. Clearly, only creating one contact with a single autoresponder message wasn't getting the job done; people simply weren't being exposed enough to the product. More importantly, trust and credibility were not being built.

Now, that's all changed. With today's new "smart" autoresponder systems, you can send a series of follow-up messages that can really increase your response rate!

Here's how smart autoresponders work:

You set up a what's called a "sequential" autoresponder that sends out a series of messages on set number of days. For example, message #1 may go out immediately, message #2 in two days, #3 three days later, and so on. In doing so, you can "stagger" your contacts with the potential customer and not overwhelm them -- but at the same time, you're making those critical exposures needed to make the sale.

And the best part is that it's completely automated!

In other words, you don't have to do a thing besides set the autoresponders up. Once you've created them, they're on autopilot automatically answering queries and sending out your sales letter again and again, working like a tireless money-making robot, making sure you never lose a single sale. An autoresponder system really can boost your follow-up efforts.

So, what can you do with your autoresponder system that will increase profits?

Well, the list is really endless, but here are just a few ideas:

Send follow-up sales messages. Make sure you squeeze out every last sale from your prospects.

Send more information about your product. Increase your sales by giving your customers the information they need to decide to buy!

Send a free report. Give your customers some free information; they'll see you as an expert and as the best in your field and will be much more likely to buy.

Mine your mailing list for gold. Keep in touch with previous customers or potential customers and offer them specials from time to time.

And so many more!
The potential is unlimited. An autoresponder system will increase your efficiency and effectiveness. But more importantly, it will dramatically increase your sales.

(By the way, if after reading this article you're looking for a really great autoresponder system, be sure to check out AutoResponse Plus at (, which is what I use; it's really great.)

About the Author
Need a killer website for your business? Need someone to market it? Micah Cranman designs and markets attractive, compelling, and results-driven websites for small businesses and organizations. For more information on how he can help you develop a powerful web presence, visit his site at (


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