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Autoresponders: The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

By Marilynn Sheehan
Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Working an internet business means competing with countless other opportunities. It's a "mind blitz" out there in cyberspace!

Enticing ideas about online businesses bombard people like confetti at a wedding.

So..The big question is...How do you keep someone's attention after the first click?

It's a fact. Follow up is the lifeblood of your business! And it can be done easily and effectively.

If well planned, autoresponders can turbo charge any business plan. When you first start advertising, you can use a different autoresponder for each ad. This provides an easy tracking system that any newbie can use.

Develop your use of autoresponders as both an art and a science. Invest some time and energy. And don't be timid about stretching your creative imagination.

Statistics prove that less than 5% of closed sales occur on the first contact. 85% of sign-ups require up to 7 or more followups. Don't ignore this fact!

However... who has the time for this much followup when working hundreds or thousands of leads a month?

One of the best ways to manage your lead flow is through the use of autoresponders. They can take your prospects by the hand and lead them straight into your organization. Try it! It works for me!

I have take this proven plan a step further, and it is paying off handsomely.

I love my primary business. Although it is the most lucrative business I've tried, prospects worry about having the time to build a business.

Autoresponders can come to your rescue. Once the autoresponders have done the recruiting for me, the next objective is to get the training done quickly and effectively.

I have written a concise set of autoresponders designed to train new people, and they love it! They're a bit quirky, and fun, and they really are getting the job done. My people are making money fast!

Step by step, I provide the insights gained through my own blood, sweat, and tears. I tell recruits exactly what works.. and what doesn't. This dramatically reduces the learning curve for new people and puts them into profit much more quickly.

By harnessing the power of autoresponders, I attained director positions in 2 well respected network marketing companies in a matter of months, so I can vouch for the power of these "silent sales agents."

I encourage you to "experience" the power of the autoresponders that I use at one of my sites.

Simply fill out the request form, and the autoresponder will tell you everything you need to know about my business. And.. hopefully, it will get your creative juices flowing and give you ideas for turbo charging your business as well!

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Marilynn Sheehan


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