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Do You Push or Pull? Push Pull Technology

By Floyd Tapia
Posted Monday, July 5, 2004

So when you are at your computer, do you push or pull? Okay, now you can get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm referring to communication on the Internet. There are essentially two ways to move information on the web.

There is push technology and there is pull technology. E-mail can be labeled as a form of push technology. How?

Let's say you subscribe to an ezine or electronic newsletter. Well the publisher sends (pushes) it out to the subscribers via e-mail on a set schedule.

And once your e-mail is out there ... well, you know the rest.

As we all know, the growing problem with sp^am has caused our inboxes to be so clogged we might miss or even delete that ezine from our favorite publisher...

... or that product inquiry from a customer, a new product announcement, and an important notice from an affiliate upline.

Then we have our ISPs. They have tightened filters to the point that we are not even getting all our messages.

The frustration that ezine publishers, website owners, downline managers and many other business people are experiencing just trying to stay-in-touch is unprecedented.

The solution? Pull technology. That's right. As many are discovering, e-mail is out and channels are in... big time.

Channeling (pull technology) eliminates all those issues for both subscribers and publishers alike. Listen to these strong benefits.

Subscribers are in total control of when and what information they receive WITHOUT giving out their e-mail or any personal information at all. Plus there's no op^ting in and out.

Publishers are also in control because they no longer have to deal with all the hassles of publishing via e-mail. They simply add an item to their channel, click a button and all their subscribers receive it immediately.

I personally like the sound of this, both as a publisher and subscriber. Think about it. The potential to start unclogging our
inboxes and receive what we want when we want it. It's growing on me.

Maybe, we should start chanting, or writing the following slogan: "Don't push me. I'm now channeling." Well, it's a start anyway.

About the Author has been vocal in seeking out new and improved ways of communicating between publishers and readers... businesses and clients. There is no perfect solution. But this may be as close to it as we get. (


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