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Email Courses For Success

By Raymond Johnston Jr
Posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004

As the eBook market has become ever so saturated with much useless material, the use of email courses is on the rise.

It is fast becoming one of the most cost efficient ways to advertise.

Let's take a look at what is required to be successful with an email course.

1. Valuable Information

If you don't provide helpful information, you might as well save yourself the time and energy required to produce the course.

No content, has become the norm in the mass over population of the eBook. Everyone is putting one out and very few have anything useful to say.

A lack of information would put your course in a similar light.

2. Easy to Read Format

This is a must.There is nothing that will get an email deleted faster then
to open up a huge bunch of text all crammed together.

Make it easy to read. Put it in a format that makes it easy for the reader to go back and find information. Lots of white space makes it easy to read as well. This also makes it easier to find wanted information.

3. Keep Each Part of Your Course Short

Make sure each part can be read in a reasonable amount of time. Time is so very valuable and people are looking for the condensed version.

You can't expect someone to sit down and spend 20 to 30 minutes a night reading your course. Most people just don't have that much time to devote. If your course is long, simply make it into more parts. You are much more likely to get your material read if it is only 4 to 5 minutes a day.

4. Keep your advertising short

Let your advertising be short and to the point. If your reader finds more
advertising then information, you will lose them very quickly.

Some of the so called email course are nothing more then advertisements. Putting out something of this nature will do nothing but tarnish your reputation.

Email courses are a very good way to advertise while building your reputation as a provider of useful information.

Email courses provide you with a full time advertising medium, while allowing you to give away valuable content as well.

It is quickly becoming one of the best ways available to advertise. Don't be late to the party. Start offering email courses for your website visitors or newsletter subscribers today.

You can help contribute to the success of your readers as well as yourself.

About the Author
Raymond Johnston Jr is the publisher of Money For Hire Ezine. Find the latest marketing trends, newest traffic programs and get free marketing courses. Subscribe by sending an email to Get "The Road To Advertising Success" free by sending an email to:


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