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Email List broker brief

By John McCabe
Posted Monday, November 22, 2004

The Client: The clients name and reputation may be important to your negotiations.

Product/Service: To whom is the product/service most likely to appeal? As much detail here as possible – typical profiles, insight into your existing customer base etc.

Objectives: Provide as much detail as you can about the required volume/percentage of responses, also the “quality” of likely respondents.

Creative: Share with your broker exactly how the email will look and what it will offer. Include details of intended personalisation, incentives etc

Market: Anything you know about the profile of the ideal customer in terms of demographics, lifestyle and, in business mailing,position (eg Finance Director) within the organisation, how big should the target organisations be etc

Allowable costs: Detail budget allowed in recruiting leads. The list broker will be able to advice on the feasibility of the campaign. You should budget for between £250 and £350 per 1000 records.

Expected Quantities: Let the broker know how many you would ideally like to target given budgetary and logistical constraints.

Tests: If you intend to test any lists, make it clear. You will need to know the minimum quantities and the rate for test samples (usually 5,000 for consumer files and 3,000 for B2B)

Previous history: If you have previous email results you are able to share with your list broker – these will be extremely useful.

Timing: Any specific dates which must be met, and time required to complete the html creation and broadcast etc.

Tel: 0121 745 8290
Fax: 0121 733 1939

About the Author
John McCabe is the co-founder of UK Marketing Management a specialist direct marketing agency based in the UK. With 15 years experience of developing direct marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. During the last four years he has concentrated on email marketing, both as a corporate end user and as an agency. During this time he has helped develop the media with list owners, broadcasters and clients - pushing up service levels and quality of data.


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