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Email Time Savers

By Heidi Ross
Posted Friday, August 6, 2004

Have you ever wondered if you could use some short cuts to save you some time when emailing but not sacrifice your business. The tips below will do that, as long as your email reflects business and not amateur. Read these tips there may be some in here that you aren't already using.

§ If you submit articles to article announce you know you need a certain format. You have to put Article Title, Author, Contact Author, Publishing Guidelines, Web Address and Comments at the beginning. Save it as a template. Here is what my template looks like:

Article Title:
Author: Heidi Ross
Contact Author:
Publishing Guidelines: may be published freely w/ bylines
Web address: (

With the above all I have to do is open the template put in the rest of the information and send. I copy and paste my article below the comments and add the Article Title. This definitely saves time.

If you are going to add comments and they will be the same time after time then save them as part of the template.

§ If you accept classified ads and send out notices as to when the classified ad will appear in your publication save a standard response as a template. Then all you have to do is open, add additional information and send.

§ If you accept articles you may want to save a standard template for that also. Then again open, add additional information needed and send.

§ If you send an email out to those who have requested an article or information that you have on autoresponder you may want to save a standard email as a template, a thank you for requesting this information and offer your help. A follow up email that gets sent after information is requested. If you can not automate the process without personalizing it, then don't automate. Use the personalized email that you have to send instead. Again with this template all you would do is open, add additional information needed and send.

With these tips in mind I hope you will act on them. They will save you time. Even if it only saves you 5 minutes a day, that 5 minutes adds up. Use these tips and see if emailing doesn't go a little smoother and quicker. After all do you want to keep crafting each email by hand each time?

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