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Grow Your Ezine Subscriber Base in a Snap

By Merle
Posted Friday, July 16, 2004

How to quickly grow your opt in list

Ask anyone these days how they go about promoting their website and most all of them will reply "with an ezine, of course." The popularity of publishing newsletters is growing fast, and for good reasons. Their benefits as an online marketing tool are numerous. Over time, your newsletter will help you sell more of your products and services and establish trust and credibility, all by building online relationships with your subscribers. As an added bonus, it will heighten your visibility online.

But getting to that point can take some time. It can take years of promotion to build your opt-in list to a few thousand subscribers. So right about now you're thinking "there's got to be an easier way." Well, cheer up kids, because there is.

Marty Foley and David Beroff have teamed up and launched a new opt-in list builder service called "Lead Factory" located at ( If you're not familiar with these two gentlemen, let me give you a little background on them and why they are both considered "Internet Experts."

Marty Foley is something of a "Web Pioneer," having launched his first online business back in 1986. An occasional speaker on Radio and the seminar circuit, he is also the creator of several informational and software products, including the very popular "Internet Marketing Goldmine", which teaches small business entrepreneurs how to build and promote successful Internet enterprises on a shoestring. He's done it all and knows what he's talking about, as you can see on his sites: ( and (

David Beroff is the founder of ( and (, which allow Webmasters with no CGI bin access or programming experience to add interactive forms to their sites. David has also been online since the early days. The services offered by Freedback and Response-O-Matic are amazing. You can have custom forms created for your site with a push of a button. From there you simply cut and paste it into your site. Instant form. Simple, easy... and for free.

These two Internet innovators had crossed paths often over the years, with David becoming Marty's web host. Marty had used to build his own list and realized that it was an application that would benefit others. He approached David on a joint business venture and the rest is history.

So just how does this service work to bring you hundreds of new subscribers with such a fast turn around time? The concept is actually pretty simple. Your ad will appear on the response pages of and Response-O-Matic's site users. For example, say I'm a Freedback user and I have their form on my website. When visitors fills out my form and submit it, they are instantly transported to a confirmation page that sits on List Builder's server. And on that page is an ad inviting them to subscribe to multiple ezines, including yours.

Right about now you may be asking "so what, how's that going to help me?" The power of the service is in the sheer number of users. There are over 250,000 Webmasters running Freedback and Response -0-Matic's forms on their sites. This large number of users is what allows Lead Factory to send you hundreds of new subscribers on a daily basis. Their service routinely delivers sign ups at over 10 to 20 times the industry average.

To place an order you first need to decide how many subscribers you want to purchase. Prices currently range from a minimum order of 50.00 (.26 per subscriber), to a maximum of 999.99 (dropping to 16.5 cents per subscriber). You can order absolutely any amount you want between these two price points.

They also overcompensate by giving you an extra 10% subscribers on each and every order at no charge to you. Orders can be placed online with a credit card.

Your next step is to come up with two ads (or they'll even help critique or create ad copy for you, if you want). The first one is for the actual Lead Factory Form and can be no more than 15 words. You'll also need to come up with a description of your ezine, which will appear in the pop up box when someone clicks on your ezine for further information. This second ad should be no more than 100 words. (You can preview how your ad will look on the web site, before placing an order.)

Your Lead Factory ad campaign will begin within 24-48 hours of placing your order. You can choose to receive your emails of new subscribers one by one, or as a daily list sent every 24 hours.I recommend the daily notification, as it's very exciting watching your list grow so quickly. Your ad runs for however long it takes to deliver the desired number of subscribers you have ordered. The subscribers are very targeted and completely opt-in. Depending on your type of list and ad copy, you'll usually gain anywhere from 100 to 200 new subscribers every day.

Lead Factory is available to almost everyone, but there are certain types of ezines that do better than others:

Affiliate Programs, Biz Opps, Child Safety, Email Marketing, Golf, Health, Humor, Information Marketing, MLM, Public Speaking, Web Resources, Small and Home Based Businesses, Search Engine Optimization, Real Estate and Sales Training,

No adult lists or Spammers or anything deemed offensive is allowed.

The service is 100% guaranteed and take my word for it, it works. You can also read over the glowing testimonials at the site itself.

If you've been trying many different methods to increase your subscriber base without results I absolutely guarantee you'll love the results you get with List Builder. I've personally used the service and give it 10 stars. It's the easiest, fastest way to grow your subscriber base in a small amount of time. For more information please visit the site at (

About the Author
Merle is an internet marketer, promotion consultant and ezine publisher. Visit her sites at (, ( and (


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