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How To Cash In On Unlimited Free Ezine Advertising

By Ken Hill
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004

If you've spent any time advertising your business in ezines, you are probably already aware that ezines can provide an affordable, profitable means to promote your business.

But did you know that an even more effective way to market your business in ezines is to write your own articles for publication?


Because running an ezine is a lot of work, and ezine publishers are strapped with not only the day to day running of their ezines and businesses but also with providing their readers with useful, quality content on a continual basis.

If you are able to share your knowledge by writing articles, you can provide ezine publishers with content that will be of interest to their subscribers while also promoting your business for free through your resource box at the end of your article.

Just add a notice in your resource box that your article can be reprinted in other ezines as long as it isn't changed and your resource box is included, and your article could be reprinted in many other ezines.

If you write a good article, you will find that other ezine publishers will be glad to run your article.

This can translate into hundreds of thousands of ezine subscribers reading your article and finding out about your business without you spending any money on advertising or spending any effort on marketing your business other than writing your article.

Many ezines also keep an archive of their past issues where your article can be found with a live link back to your website.

How can you start getting your articles published?

One way to submit your article for publication is to submit your article directly to ezines that you would like to run your article. You can do this by submitting your article to ezines you are already subscribed to that accept articles. You will already have a good idea of what topics those ezines focus on, and if your article's content matches the type of content those ezines provide. Make sure that you check each ezines policy concerning article submission before you submit your article.

To reach a broad range of ezine publishers you can submit your articles to directories that list articles for publishers to use as content in their ezines.

Some directories that you can submit your articles to are:

1. (

2. (

3. (

4. (

5. (

6. (

7. (

8. (

9. (

10. (

11. (

12. (

There are also lists you can join that you can submit your articles to. This will get your articles in the inbox of ezine publishers who are actively searching for content for their ezines and who may want to publish your articles.

3 good lists to get you started are:

1. (

2. (

3. (

Once you begin the process of writing articles you would like to get published, you may find that you do have a lot of information that could benefit others. Let people know about it, and you can find that sharing your expertise freely will not only profit your readers but also substantially profit your business.

About the Author
Ken Hill publishes Net Promotion Marketer, full with internet marketing tips. Visit (


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