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How To Submit Your Make Money Article

By Jeff Schuman
Posted Thursday, August 19, 2004

Once you have written your make money article what do you do with it?

I will say without a doubt one of my top strategies for getting my Team-Schuman.Com website on page one of several
make money at home search engines is due to writing, publishing, submitting and posting articles.

I have listed several things that have worked for me to get my article out to the marketplace.

Put It On Your Website

If you have a website the first thing to do is get an article page and start putting articles on it.

Search Engines love this. They are constantly checking for fresh content and our job is to give it to them.

Adding your new articles as you write them is great because they are loaded with keyword content that relates to your
website and helps improve your popularity with searcgh engines.

Trade With Other Websites

Offer to post their article on your article page in exchange for adding your article to theirs. This can be a little more time consuming as you seek out webmasters to trade with, but it will work as well.

Have Your Article Submitted By A Professional Submission Service.

This may cost a little, but in my mind it is worth every penny. All you do is register yourself, pay them and submit
your article.

These type of companies will submit your article to 1,000's of publishers and article directories in seconds. This is a
great way to get name recognition for yourself, increase traffic to your website, sell products, get subscribers for your newsletter and on and on.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Bill Platt does a great job with his article submission service *The Phantom Writers.* He's great to deal with and can get your article submitted to 6,000 to 12,000 publishers in less than 72 hours. I have actually had articles submitted by Bill in 12 to 36 hours. He offers excellent personal service.


At Submit Your Article their claim to fame is submitting your article to thousands of publishers in seconds. Another
very good company.


Trade With Other Publishers-Start Your Own AutoSubmit

Do you publish an ezine of your own? If you do you know that it is tough to constantly come up with fresh articles
of your own. How about finding other ezine publishers that would run an article of yours in their ezine in exchange for you running their article in yours.

Run a few ads in an ad group like Theresa at MyWizardAds offers:

MyWizardAds (

Or here with 2 Bucks An Ad:

2 Bucks An Ad (

Set up an autoresponder and call it something like *publishers.* Load your first message with an offer to trade ads and articles. Set a goal to add 5 publishers a day to your autoresponder. I prefer Aweber or GetResponse.

Aweber (

GetResponse (

Add publishers of the ezines you have subscribed to. Then subscribe to more. Keep adding publishers everyday to your autoresponder.

Whenever you write an article shoot it out to everyone in your autoresponder. In a year's time you could easily have over 1,000 publishers hearing from you about your new article.

Your cost for this was a little bit of time everyday.

Submit It Manually

I saved this for last because it is my least favorite, but if money is an issue for you and you have time then just start contacting ezine publishers and article directories one at a time and offer your article. Do a Google Search:

Google (

Type in ezine publishers. Then type in article directories. Start submitting your articles to the directories and to other
ezine publishers.

Over a period of time you will see your articles popping up all over the place.All of this takes time, but is well worth the effort.

What is the point of writing a great article and never having anybody see it.

About the Author
Jeff Schuman helps people make money at home. His website Team-Schuman.Com contains the best of everything you need to make money online. Jobs, Newsletters, Programs, Home Businesses and more. (


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