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Laugh all the way to the bank

By Michael S Martinez
Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004

Laugh all the way to the bank

Who says online marketing is boring and expensive? Here is a simple way to have a lot of fun and get your offer in front of thousands within a few weeks. In fact, by following these simple steps you can set in motion an online marketing machine that will bring on residual effects for months to come. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.

First a question, have you ever received a joke email from a friend? Most of us have. Now think for a second… what did you do when you received that joke? Here is what most people do. They sit in front of their computers and they read the joke. Hopefully they laugh, and then THEY PASS THE JOKE ON TO THEIR FRIENDS. Did you get that? THEY PASS THE JOKE ON TO THEIR FRIENDS. This is probably the most overlooked yet truly dynamic formula for getting some serious exposure via email. Lets take a look at the example below.

---------------- Sample email ---------------

Hello friend,

I just thought I’d brighten your day… check this out.

The loose tooth

As a man walks down the street and as he nears the corner another man approaches him and says, “Listen buddy, are you interested in making $10,000 today.”

“Sure, what do I have to do,” says the first man.

“It’s simple, you see those three tents across the street, go in the first one and you are going to see a 5th of Vodka. You need to drink the whole thing in 60 seconds or less and come out and show me the empty bottle. Then go into the second tent. There you will find a tiger with a loose tooth. You need to pull the tooth out and show it to me. There is no time limit so take as long as you need. Finally, go into the third and last tent. You are going to like this one. There you will find a woman that has never been sexually satisfied. You must satisfy her. Again you can take your time because there is no time limit. Once you are finished come out and the $10,000 is yours. Do you think you could to that?”

“Absolutely” responds the first man. He races over to the first tent, picks up the 5th of Vodka and guzzles it down. Stumbling out of the tent in 58 seconds flat, he looks over to the man across the street and gets the thumbs up. He shoots into the second tent. For three and a half hours, the tent is tumbling. You hear screams and roars. Finally the man comes out and yells out to the man waiting across the street, “Where is the woman with the loose tooth.”

Hope you liked it. If you did, pass it on to your friends and help brighten their day.

$ The fastest way to create wealth online… $
$ ( $

-------------- End of sample email -----------

By sending an email like this to your friends you can get thousands of hits within a few short weeks… absolutely free. And as stated before, these tend to have a residual effect. There is no telling where these emails can end up.

Here are a few keys to make your joke emails as effective as possible:
· Mail out these to all your online friends
· Mail often
· Use different jokes by visiting joke sites or copy your jokes from books
· Box your advertising to draw attention
· Always use the (http://) in front of the web address to insure a proper link
· Always ask for the joke to be passed on

There you have it. It’s simple, fun, free and profitable. Your own email marketing machine. Set it in motion today and start laughing your way to the bank.

About the Author
Michael S. Martinez is a freelance writer who has been featured in Home Business Magazines, Cutting Edge Opportunities and others. He is also the author of “The Mind Mastery Course.”


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