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Make Your Email SELL

By Kevin Nunley
Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Now that just about everybody has Internet access, studies show people average 20 hours per week online.

That is an amazing statistic considering the Web has only been around for a few years.

Even more amazing is how much people use email. It has become the central part of the way hundreds of millions of people use the Internet.

It pays to make your email messages more effective. Here are some tips to help your email SELL!

1. State your offer in the first paragraph. People get a ton of email and few have time to read it all.

Give readers the offer right away and hook those who are interested. Many will then study your whole message.

2. Keep your words simple and sentences short. This helps people read faster.

3. Provide a link to the web page where customers can order. This works best if the page is dedicated entirely to your one offer.

You can even put an HTML order form in your email message. Some companies who are doing this are getting outstanding results.

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