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Other People's Stuff

By Michele Royster
Posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004

For those of us who have ezines or are considering starting one, it is sometimes hard to think of what content to present to our subscribers until you have gotten to know them a little bit via surveys, feedback, etc...

BUT ...

Do you think it is wise to consistently present articles that are written by other people?

I'm subscribed to several ezines and in some of the newer ones I've noticed that practically Each and Every week their featured article is written by someone else!

Call me crazy, but it just seems ... Well, I don't know, here's my take on ezine ownership.

A big part of the reason we start ezines is to establish OURSELVES as experts and build credibility amongst our readers as being a valuable information resource for whatever market we are targeting right? Wrong? Right? You tell me, 'cause maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way.

The way I see it, if we CONSTANTLY publish the articles of others, then we are building SOMEONE ELSE'S credibility right?

When I write an ebook, I want YOU, my subscribers, to be confident in my ability to provide information that you can use to build your business. Why would you ever purchase any of my personal writings if you've never gotten the opportunity to see what I am knowledgeable about?

Don't get me wrong, there are times when I've had a hectic week, like all 4 of my kids simultaneously coming down with viruses and there is just NO time to research a topic for the next ezine issue.

Okay, in a situation like that, yes, to remain loyal to your readers and still provide content, it may be necessary to grab a Free article that's relevant to your reader's needs, plug it in and go.

BUT ...

In one of the ezines I'm subscribed to, the following offer was made (I put XXXs in the place of the name of the Ezine because I respect the Editor a great deal and am in no way ragging on them at all):

========= OFFER =========
Want zero-cost site content to secure more repeat visitors?

Now, you can publish the latest articles from xxxxxxxxxx on your site, at no charge.

The article featured on your site will refresh itself to the latest article *automatically* each week, WITHOUT you having
to ever tinker with the code again.

Just paste one line of script into your web page where you want the article to appear, and get fresh new content every
week. Without any more work.

Get the code now, and be set up in five minutes!
=========END OF OFFER=========

Well, that offer is pretty darn-near irresistable don't cha think? I mean c'mon, just paste some code into my webpage and I automatically have a fresh, new article EVERY WEEK!

I don't have to do anything but change the dates and Issue Numbers of the ezine, post the articles of my subscribers and that's the end of it!

And like I mentioned, this particular editor knows Marketing and is making an excellent living at it so the content would always be superb ...

BUT ...

It wouldn't be mine.

You know I'd have to include the Author's name, website, etc... at the end of each of their articles. So, as a subscriber, what would be your reason for staying subscribed to my ezine if Each and Every issue contained articles from another editor?

Wouldn't you simply unsubscribe from my ezine and subscribe to the person's whose content you were reading every two weeks? Mmmmmm. I don't know, it just seems like biting my nose to spite my face. Especially if the individual is already known as sort of a "guru" anyway.

When I DO publish the articles of others, I want them to be for Marketers or articles writers who are Trying to gain notoriety as opposed to someone who already has it. We all have to start somewhere right?

Publishing an ezine is NOT easy. But I think we sell ourselves and our ezine short when we don't provide Original Content. Our originality is what keeps us in the ezine publishing business!

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