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Quick, Helpful Tips for Direct Mail

By Wild Bill Montgomery
Posted Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Make Your Offer Irresistible - All good copywriters will tell you, the secret to great copy is to make it impossible to say "No"!

Find the Good in Everything - Rather than try to hidenegative sides to your product, try making them knownwith a positive twist.

Stay Focused - Product or Audience. Keep youradvertising focused. The wider your scope, the easierit gets to lose your reader.

What, Where, Why, Who or How - One of the quickest ways to grab attention, is to pose a question to your readers they can't help but answering.

Tell Them What They Know - Another way to get your reader interested is to state a negative fact that your reader already knows, and offer a solution.

Just the Facts Ma'am - Although "Power" words are great eye catchers and help the flow of your copy, nothing beats providing facts and product details.

Be Sincere - People can spot phonies and phony copy just as easy.

No Fear? Wrong! - Fear makes a great motivator. Fear of missing a great deal or fear of what can happen without your product.

Be Personal - Address you reader in the first person. In many situations the "human touch" is a great benefit as well.

Don't Write A Book - Direct Mail, whether in online or off, needs to be just that, "Direct". Don't waste time with "warm-up" text.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere - Vanity will serve its purpose, as long as you don't overdo it.

Use Power Words - Use words proven catch their eye and them to buy.

Easy Respond Procedures - In Direct Sales especially, you want to make it easy and obvious how they can respond to your offer, while you have they're attention.

Showcase Your Guarantee - With the overwhelming abundance of Internet and Mail Fraud plaguing us, people need a guarantee.

Offer Insider Information - People like to think they are getting something Exclusive or Special.

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