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The Absolute Best and Brightest Ezines Online Today

By Merle
Posted Friday, July 16, 2004

I admit that when I started out on the Internet over five years ago, I didn't know a lot about how business was done online. To teach myself, I subscribed to hundreds of ezines and read a lot. I'm a firm believer that you can teach yourself anything if you want to learn it badly enough.

Over the years I've read so many ezines that I can smell a good one from a mile away. Call me an "ezine connoisseur," if you will. I know what I like, and I know what's good. Send me an ezine full of ads with no valuable information, and I'll be reaching for my delete key before it finishes downloading into my inbox.

All these years later, there are a few top quality ezines that actually make my pulse quicken when they arrive. Yea, I know, I need to get a life. But they make me feel that way because they're good; really good! Their publishers have taken the time to write great articles or seek out the latest and best resources. In essence, they care about what they are doing and have a genuine interest in helping others.And that, my friend, is what sets them apart from your everyday ezine.

I've decided to share my favorite list of top ezines with you today. Aren't you feeling lucky?

1) Lockergnome: (

Published by Chris Pirillo since 1996. If you've never heard of Lockergnome, you must be living in a closet. Chris can be found everywhere online with his own radio and TV shows, and has even authored a book on "Ezine Publishing." His ezine caters more to the "techie crowd," but he does throw in some reviews of really helpful websites as well.

His readers are referred to as "Gnomies" and Chris's twisted sense of humor makes it a fun read.

2) SitePoint: (

If you like staying up to date with the latest web development issues, this one's for you. SitePoint publishes some excellent articles written by various "Internet Experts," all to help you build a better website. (They've even published articles by "yours truly.") The ezine is available in HTML or plain text.

3) Associate Programs Newsletter: (

There's a reason why Allan Gardyne has over 19,000 subscribers: He's the absolute authority when it comes to associate programs. Allan dishes up the dirt on popular programs, giving you the straight facts on who to trust and who to avoid. If you're into making money with associate programs,you'll love this one.

4) Syndicator Etips: (

A free weekly publication of, written by Shelley Lowery CEO of Brajusta Publishing. Her web design articles are widely published online and her website is top notch, loaded with resources for anyone doing business online. The ezine is full of tips and articles that will improve your site and help you to sell more online. I love Shelley, and someday when I grow up want to be just like her. Highly Recommended!

5) Ask Tax Mama: (

No, I'm not a big fan of taxes and I haven't lost my mind. In fact, the one thing I hate about running my own web based business is keeping track of all of the income and expenses for tax time. Enter Tax Mama, published by tax professional Eva Rosenberg. She answers tax questions and makes learning about this stuff almost *fun*. Published weekly. If you own your own business, get this one.

6) SitePro News: (

Considered one of the Net's most widely read webmasters' newsletters. Published weekly and loaded with freeware and tips with articles by some of the Web's top experts. Only available in HTML format, but well worth it.

7) A Home Based Business Online: (

Elena Fawkner covers practical home business ideas, opportunities and solutions for those who work from home. Elena's a "smart cookie" who really knows her stuff, but I guess the fact that she's also a lawyer will tell you that. Published weekly since 1999, what can I say -- "the girl is good."

8) The Marketing Seek Messenger (

Published by Rozey Gean, this ezine exists for the sole purpose of keeping you posted of new articles that are available on her site. These articles are available for you to publish in your zine or on your website. Rozey caters to ezine publishers and article writers, so if you fit into one of these two categories this ezine's for you.

9) E Books N'Bytes Informer: (

Published by Eva Almeida, whose writing style and warm personality will win you over the very first time you read her ezine. Eva is the "Ebook Queen" of the Internet and her ezine is a testament to that fact. If you read ebooks, create ebooks, or write ebooks this ezine is the ultimate authority. Great Stuff!

10) WillMaster Possibilities: (

Willmaster is William Bontrager, who believe it or not was born and raised Amish. Now he's the guru of CGI and breaks down programming into easy lessons even a novice can understand. By following his script suggestions, you can add all kinds of fun interactive things to your site. If this type of thing interests you, you'll find William's suggestions easy to follow and implement.

11) Doctor Ebiz: (

Published by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, who's been helping small businesses succeed online for years. With over 63,000 subscribers, he knows the biz of Internet business inside and out. In his ezine he takes questions from small business people and provides straight answers to help them succeed online.

Since 1995, Dr. Ralph has also published "Web Marketing Today,"a monthly publication dealing with all aspects of marketing a business online. A definite winner.

12) WebDigest For Marketers: (

Larry Chase's weekly publication features 15 short reviews of marketing-oriented websites. This one can be a bit on the dry side and aimed at more of a "corporate mentality" crowd, but he does cover some sites worthy of an online entrepreneur's attention. Published since 1995 with well over 125,000 subscribers. Larry is also an established author, Net Consultant and speaker.

13) (

OK, not really an ezine but rather a collection of discussion lists. Adventive publishes three that I highly recommend to anyone who builds websites, or is trying to make a living online:

I-HelpDesk - Moderated by Eva Rosenberg (TaxMama), covering questions about doing business online

I-Design - Moderated by Veronica Yuill with topics ranging from website design to online marketing.

I-Search - Moderated by Detlev Johnson, covering search engine optimization.

So there you have it; a list that was intended to be my Top 10, but is actually the Top 13. Honestly, these publications are published by some of the Net's hottest and brightest entrepreneurs. A lot of what I've learned over the years can be attributed to the quality of these ezines. Take some time and check them out for yourself. You might as well learn from the "masters" and with a price of Free, it's an excellent value for a terrific online education.

About the Author
Merle is an internet marketer, promotion consultant and ezine publisher. Visit her sites at (, ( and (


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