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The Minefield to Online Success

By Nicholas Dixon
Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Becoming successful online has become a reality for many marketers.However the majority of us end up empty handed in the game.This leads many to ask themselves, is success online possible ?

The success rate for online marketers is remarkable.Only 5-10 % of us will make it at the end of the day.What is the reason for this happening ? I personally believe it is a lack of positive thinking and attitude.

“How on earth does positive thinking help my marketing ? " , you may ask.In more ways than you can imagine.It is the spark that lights the way to success.

Online marketing is a fairly new industry.A lot of people have made their names and fortunes using the Internet.However some people still eye us with distrust.They have to be won over by the right positive approach .It's the only way.

The Internet nowadays is fraught with schemes and scams.Many people think that's what online marketing is all about.And they would be surprise to know that one can really make a honest living online.

Then you have some guys who give us bad names.Calling themselves “marketers", they try to con every new player in the game.Even you.They will try to sell you almost anything , making you believe it is the “holy grail" to success.

The truth be told,there is no “holy grail" to online success.But the best chance you have is with a positive attitude.It is a neccessity to deal with the inevitable obstacles that will present themselves.

One of the greatest struggles online marketers face is themselves.Yes ,yourself.Imagine telling your friends and love ones about your new career and they scoff at it saying it won't work.Your next step will depend on how much you believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself and your dreams will determine how far you will go.Nothing worthwhile in this world comes easy.That's why there are always obstacles on the journey to online success.Just believe , it works.

Becoming successful online has become a reality for many marketers.But are you prepared to cross the minefield to online success ? Think about it.

To your success and mine .....,


About the Author
Nicholas Dixon is the CEO/Webmaster of Oceanroc Web Consulting.Visit our award winning website ( and subscribe to The Roc newsletter.


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