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Top 10 Tips for Using Email Successfully

By Kate Schultz
Posted Wednesday, August 18, 2004

1. Respond quickly and consistently to all e-mail messages. Schedule a specific time each day to answer and follow-up on all e-mail to ensure a timely reply.

2. Use autoresponders to prepare e-mail versions of all of your documents including brochures, sales letters, order forms and invoices.

3. Learn how to use all of the utilities in your e-mail software to improve your efficiency. Learn how to cut and paste and always use spell check.

4. Use signature files in all of your e-mail messages. A signature file is the text that you attach to the end of your email messages. It is often thought of as your online letterhead, so include your name, company and marketing slogan!

5. Use Upper and Lower case letters when composing e-mail messages. Did you know that it is considered RUDE to WRITE IN ALL CAPS!

6. Include an e-mail address on each page of your web site. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.

7. Choose your SUBJECT lines wisely. A clear and specific SUBJECT line will let your recipient know, at a glance, what your message is about.

8. Keep your replies short and to the point. When quoting a message, use only the part that is pertinent to your reply and delete the rest.

9. Compose your email messages with plain text and blank lines separating paragraphs. Not all e-mail programs can read HTML or text with bold or italics. Your message will appear as a garbled mess to these recipients.

10. Check with your recipients before you send an attachment. Downloading file attachments can cost time and money for some recipients.

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