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Top 10 Ways to Use Autoresponders in Your Business

By Kate Schultz
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

An autoresponder is an e-mail address programmed to respond automatically to incoming e-mail messages. Often referred to as mailbots, infobots or e-mail on demand.

1. Create a "Frequently Asked Questions" document and make it available from an autoresponder. Use the familiar question and answer format.

2. Create an e-mail training course and offer it through autoresponders. You enhance your relationship with potential customers through the continued contact established during class lessons.

3. Make all of your newsletters available via autoresponders. Let potential subscribers review previous issues.

4. Create an information sheet about each of your products and services and make them available from an autoresponder. You can include updated price lists and detailed information about each product or service.

5. Create a rate card for all of your advertising information and make it available from an autoresponder. Your potential advertisers can retrieve the information at their convenience.

6. Post job vacancies and job descriptions in an autoresponder. Interested applicants can receive information immediately and you have an easy way to keep your job postings updated.

7. Offer Free Reports and have them available through an autoresponder. A standard marketing method to show your expertise to your potential clients.

8. Put all of your sales letters on autoresponders. Include order forms at the end of all sales letters and encourage recipients to add their order information and e-mail the form back to you.

9. Use an autoresponder as an immediate acknowledgment to those who send you information. Let the recipient know you received their message and when to expect a reply from you.

10. Create an index of all the information you have available via autoresponders. Set up the index as an autoresponder to allow your customers to retrieve all of the documents.

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