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Work Your Autoresponder: Opinions & Product Reviews on Autoresponse

By Shery Ma Belle Arrieta
Posted Monday, November 22, 2004

People are interested to hear about someone's opinion on a product or service.

When I scout for a web host, the first thing I look for are testimonials from those who are already with the web host. If their testimonials include their Web site or e-mail address, I visit their site or e-mail them for reaffirmation.

When I buy books on Amazon, I read the readers' reviews first because they help me in my book-buying decision.

The same thing goes when I'm reading a sales page. What people think of a product, e-book, service or software matters a great deal, and can influence my decision to buy or not to buy.

As an e-zine publisher or Web site owner, you have an "influence" on your readers or visitors. When you recommend a product or service to them, your words will have an effect on their decision.

Many of us buy products (e-books, reports, software) that help us in our online marketing efforts. Which of these products do you honestly feel you can endorse to your readers and/or visitors?

Write an honest evaluation or review of the products you have bought.

Talk about the many benefits you have derived from owning them.

What are their weak points? Where do these products excel?

In short, write about your experiences in using these products.

Many products have affiliate programs that let you earn percentages by referring other people.

By writing a review or evaluation of these products and including your affiliate link, you provide a service to other people while you create a passive income stream for yourself.

Let's say you have a section on your site devoted to products you are affiliated with.

Don't just enumerate these products and give only short descriptions. Include a summary of your review after each product, then invite your readers to request for the complete reviews you've put on autoresponder.

Make them want to request your reviews. It won't work if you say, "Click here to receive the full review by e-mail." Try, "Read the Top 5 Ways this Product Will Help You in Your Online Promotions!"

So today, why don't you take a look at all the e-books, software, services and other products you either paid for or used.

Write a review for each of them and put your reviews on autoresponder. Let your opinions and product reviews on autoresponse be another source of passive income for you!

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