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10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business!

By BB Lee
Posted Monday, December 13, 2004

Every year thousands of Americans share one very common objective: Starting A Home Based Business!

Although starting a home based business excites the imagination: A few caveats exist!

Lets get started with the countdown!

1. Take Me Seriously...Please!
That's Right! The minute you start your home based business friends and family will not get the message! Especially if you are in your PJ's sipping coffee while slumped over your computer keyboard most of the day. They will not hesitate interrupting you during an important telephone call to a client or while you are working on an important report. Many will see your little business as just a hobby. Very frustrating!

2. You Gotta Have Friends/Neighbors.
Friends and neighbors will ring you up to chat about your little "hobby" and will not understand why you are taking this new hobby (your business) so seriously. After all you gotta have time for your friends.

3. Isolation
Working alone for eight or more hours per day can produce isolated feelings that have you climbing up the wall. You will certainly miss the interaction with co-workers that makes the day move along faster.

4. Motivation
Do you have an internal coach who keeps you on track to finish work assignments? Are you the type who can't wait to get up in the morning and get going! Think about it...if you lack drive and will power to push ahead your business will stall.

5.I Need A Staff
That's right! A staff would be great. But in the beginning you will not have the money to hire a full time staff to handle all the mundane task that must be completed. You will handle answering telephone calls, developing sales strategy, marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, PR work, and typical office functions.

6. Camaraderie
You will miss the friendship connection. Work is the place where many people make long time friends, associates, and even network up the success ladder.

7. Too Many Distractions
The television is a step away. The stereo is nearby, telephone constantly ringing, family problems, all interrupting your busy day.

8. No Benefits
You will lose work related medical coverage, insurance, pension plans to name a few.

9. No Regular Paycheck
You might struggle for months, even years before you have a steady income. Is starting a business really worth giving up that regular paycheck?

10.You Are The Boss!
You make all the important decisions. All problems rest on your shoulders and it will be impossible to leave work related problems at the office because the office is in your home!

About the Author
BB Lee is the editor of SmallBizBits Home Based Business Newsletter. Visit for great home based business ideas and free business ebooks you can download immediately. (


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