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5 Advantages of Creating E-books

By Wayne Perkins
Posted Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Here are 5 quick advantages for creating e-books or your information products and selling them on the Internet.

1. You Become an Instant Expert in Your Field.

Within just a few minutes of exposure on-line, people that have never heard of you will consider you "the expert" on a particular subject.

Since you can edit and change your information on the fly, the information you offer can be the most relevant to your industry. This will propel you ahead of your peers selling print books.

2. No inventory costs.

The moment you create your first e-book, you have "Billions-In Print." (Hey, that may make a great title for a press release!)

3. No Competition.

Your book may be sold as a single copy or your digital file may fit in as a premium for your largest competitor. Your competitors become your business partners, and you both benefit.

4. No Special Software is Needed.

You can fill your e-books with sound, graphics and videos, or your e- book can be a simple text file, delivered by e-mail. My most profitable e-book is a text based class on "Stage Hypnotist Training" which is delivered by autoresponders. (E-mail on demand)

5. Pricing Freedom

You can sell your work at any price. You may begin by pricing a short e-book at ten dollars and then offering re-print and distribution rights for a few hundred or even thousands of dollars.

You may also sell reprint and distribution rights to associations. (This is another way of offering premiums to associations with no additional cost to you)


If you want to become an instant expert in your field, then create your e-book.

If you want to publish your thoughts with no additional inventory concerns, then create your e-book.

If you want to sell a simple product that may have no competition and ask any price you wish, then create an e-book.

Creating your e-book may be just what you want to begin today!

About the Author
Wayne Perkins is the best selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" and offers special telephone consulting on "How to Sell Your First E-book in only 2 Hours." Wayne can be reached at: ( Phone: 602-647-4280


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