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"7 Things You Must Do If You Want To Make More Money In Less Time."

By Rizky Nur Zamzamy
Posted Tuesday, December 28, 2004

This article gives excellent inputs to actually make money from quality network marketing programs.

Making money through quality Network Marketing has become a very hot topic in today's Internet Marketing industry.

I know it for sure, because as an Editor of Arigola e-Millionaire Newsletter at ( which provides weekly FREE Ad to my subscribers, I notice that the numbers of ads I received which promote Network Marketing programs have increased significantly for the last 2 months.

They now occupy around 60% of Ad Spots available in each issue of the Classified Edition of my ezine.

If you want to take advantage of this growing trend, the following suggestions might be very useful for you to build your own nice residual income through quality Network Marketing programs.

1. Join A Quality Network Marketing Program That Guarantees Paid Sign Ups In 30 Days Or Your Money Back

First, because if they fulfill what they promise, you are already in profit in 30 days.

Second, because if they fail to give you what they promise, you lose nothing. You can always get 100% of your money back!

Make sure that the owner of the program is honest, has amazing track records in the past and is willing to do everything legally to pay checks on time. Including reaching deep into his/her own pockets!

Here's the program that I currently join, meets the criteria and has made me money: (

2. Work Closely With Your Upline

The fact that your upline has successfully recruited you as his/her downline means that his/her method works.

It's really a simple common sense to ask them for "their success secrets". If you succeed from putting their ideas to work, they succeed too.

3. Organize An Advertising Co-Op For Your Organization

Getting quality traffic to your Network Marketing program site can be very expensive, if you do it on your own. But you can save tons of cash, if you purchase it in bulk.

Let me explain.

Let's say you want to buy responsive and quality leads from Marty Foley's well-known Lead Factory, but your budget for that purpose is only $150. With this cash, you can only get $0.30 per lead.

Now, you can ask your downline to do Ad Co-op with you. If you can get 9 downlines who are willing to pay $150 each, your budget becomes $1500. With this money, you can get leads for $0.22 each. So everyone will get 681 leads instead of 500 for the same $150.

What if you just start and don't have any downline yet? Easy. Ask your upline(s) to organize it for you.

Here are some resources to buy quality leads:

1. Jodi Hans' Permission Email: (

2. Marty Foley's Lead Factory: (

3. BigLeadsPro: (

4. Set Up At Least 7 Series Of Email Campaign In Your Autoresponder

All Web Gurus and offline Advertising Media people agree that your target audience should be exposed to your sales message several times, before they decide to buy your products or join a program under you. The more often you contact them, the better.

That's why you need to set-up a series of automatic email campaign that goes to your prospect's inbox in interval. In message 1 that goes instantly, you can expose all benefits of your program(s). Then you can highlight and explain more about each one of them in message 2 to 7. Message 2 goes 2 days later. Message 3, 4 days later and so on. It's done automatically using your Autoresponder.

The following are the Autoresponder services which I personally use:

1. Lead Lightning: (

2. Greensponder: (

3. QuickPayPro: (

Once you set-up at least 7 email series, the next thing you need to do is...

5. Get As Many Targeted Prospects As Possible To Trigger Your Autoresponder

You want to do this because you need to expose your series of sales messages to people who are in needs of what you have to offer. The more targeted prospects who send an email to your autoresponder email address, the better.

Apart from importing quality leads you purchase into your autoresponder as explained in point 3, you can also do it by promoting your autoresponder address through Ezine Advertising.

Run Solo Ads or Top Sponsor Ads in Ezines of which the subscribers match your prospect criteria. Give them something valuable for FREE to send a blank email to your autoresponder email address. Trust me, it works. I've personally gained hundreds of prospects using this tactic alone.

You can buy cheap Ezine Ads from the following resources.

1. 2 Bucks An Ad: (

2. MyWizardAds: (

3. EzineAdNet: (

4. 10Dollars20Ads: (

6. Repeat The Methods That Work Until You Gain Significant Profits

If the methods you receive from your upline work, repeat it. If not, forget it. The same thing goes for other tactics explained in this article.

If you keep repeating what works, chances are you will gain significant profits in no time. What I mean by significant is the amount you receive per month from a particular program is at least 10 times its monthly fee.

Once you reach this stage then...

7. Ask Your Friends To Join Under You And Persuade Them To Do What You Have Done

Well, you've gained profits already. It means that you have a solid prove and you don't come to your friends empty handed. You won't be laughed at. In fact, you will trigger their curiosity and move them to join under you.

After they do, explain to them the benefits (read: profits) they will get, if they follow your examples. Be their faithful coach until they earn their own significant profits. Once they reach this stage, tell them to ask their contacts to join under them and follow their steps.

Once you hit success with this technique, CONGRATULATIONS! Your Downline for a particular program has grown like crazy! Without you even knowing it!

It's really possible to make money through quality Network Marketing programs. Provided that you follow those who already "make it". The key is you put to work what you've learned maximally. And you can't go wrong.

About the Author
Rizky Nur Zamzamy is an Award Winning Creative Director of an Advertising Agency and Editor of Arigola e-Millionaire Newsletter. Send a blank email to to subscribe or visit ( for building your own HOT products.


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